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Friday, June 30, 2016
Working in security is an experience that will lead to many normal days, and just a few hectic ones. It is not necessary to have any job experience to get certain security guard jobs, but you can learn a lot about working and security in general by paying close attention to your responsibilities. Ideally, you want to create a few habits that improve your ability to provide top-notch security services, which will increase your job security and open you up to advancing in the profession, if that is something you desire.

Stay on a Consistent Rotation

When you are responsible for patrolling a large area, you want to consistently rotate from place to place. If you stay in one place for too long, you run the risk of missing out on potential incidents. Also, it becomes possible for employees or random individuals to find patterns in your behavior that they can abuse.

Take Notes for Incidents

It is a great idea to carry a notepad with you on the job. When you see an incident happen, you will need to file a report, but you may not remember all of the exact details. Having a notepad will ensure that you are able to jot down the forgettable details or most important parts to use for future reporting.

Focus on High-Target Areas

Although it is important to rotate throughout your entire patrol area, you also want to request information about the high-target areas or figure it out on your own. An unknowledgeable security guard can only do so much to excel at their job, so it is crucial to learn everything you can about each job you are given.

Security work is important for businesses, people, and the community. Gathering knowledge and creating good habits will help you become the best security guard that you can be.
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