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Friday, July 07, 2016
If you're interested in finding security officer jobs, you might be excited about finding a steady job that will allow you to protect others and keep them safe. However, you might think that you'll have a tough time finding one of these jobs. Luckily, this does not have to be the case. Follow these tips, and you are sure to find that finding employment is easier than you thought it would be.

Complete Training

Before you start looking for a security officer job, make sure that you undergo security officer training. Then, you'll know how to handle the toughest of situations, and you'll be able to boost your resume.

Take Your Time on Your Resume

Simply completing your training isn't enough -- you should also focus on putting together a solid resume. Make sure that you include any relevant training or experience that can help set you apart from other applicants.

Put Your Name Out Locally

Do you know of any local businesses that employ security guards? If so, it's never a bad idea to go in, introduce yourself, mention your credentials and ask about employment. Put in multiple applications; in time, you might just get a call.

Get Online

In today's world, it's often not enough to apply for jobs locally. Instead, consider getting on a site like Security Job Finder, which will help hook you up with security officer jobs in your local area.

As you can see, it is easier to find a security officer job than you probably think. Follow these tips and be persistent, and you should be able to find a great job in no time.

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Friday, June 30, 2016
Working in security is an experience that will lead to many normal days, and just a few hectic ones. It is not necessary to have any job experience to get certain security guard jobs, but you can learn a lot about working and security in general by paying close attention to your responsibilities. Ideally, you want to create a few habits that improve your ability to provide top-notch security services, which will increase your job security and open you up to advancing in the profession, if that is something you desire.

Stay on a Consistent Rotation

When you are responsible for patrolling a large area, you want to consistently rotate from place to place. If you stay in one place for too long, you run the risk of missing out on potential incidents. Also, it becomes possible for employees or random individuals to find patterns in your behavior that they can abuse.

Take Notes for Incidents

It is a great idea to carry a notepad with you on the job. When you see an incident happen, you will need to file a report, but you may not remember all of the exact details. Having a notepad will ensure that you are able to jot down the forgettable details or most important parts to use for future reporting.

Focus on High-Target Areas

Although it is important to rotate throughout your entire patrol area, you also want to request information about the high-target areas or figure it out on your own. An unknowledgeable security guard can only do so much to excel at their job, so it is crucial to learn everything you can about each job you are given.

Security work is important for businesses, people, and the community. Gathering knowledge and creating good habits will help you become the best security guard that you can be.

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Friday, June 24, 2016
Working as a security guard means that you will need to wear a uniform while you are on duty. But, this is not the only thing that you should have after landing a security guard job. It is best to equip yourself as soon as you start applying for jobs to make sure that you will be ready on your first day.

Reusable Bottle

Getting an insulated water bottle is a smart investment for a security guard, especially if you take up a position in which you are on your feet through most of the day. It can get rather tiring to patrol an area for eight hours straight, especially if you are not used to being this active on a regular basis. Filling up on water before you leave for work will ensure you have plenty of water to drink while on the job. It is best to get a large bottle if you know that you will not have access to more water while you are working.


In most places throughout the country, it can get quite cold at nighttime. It is best to have a heavy-duty jacket that you take with you when going to work as this will help you focus on your job. You do not want to be struggling to stay warm as a security guard who is responsible for keeping an area safe and sound.


If your job requires you to sit in a chair for most of the day, your shoes may not be much of an issue. But, walking around or at least standing on your feet all day makes it important to use good shoes. A classic black boot or shoe with great foot support will keep your feet comfortable through your whole shift. By spending a little more on shoes, they will most likely last longer and provide extra comfort.

Shopping for a few essentials is an excellent way to get ready for security guard work.

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Friday, June 17, 2016
Taking advantage of security services is very important when it comes to protecting your property, regardless what type of business needs to be protected. However, just handing the trust and a set of keys to the new security guard is not going to be enough to ensure that a business's property will be safe and secure.

In order for someone to ensure their property will be protected at all times, the business manager or owner needs to know everything it takes to hire the right security guard to watch the business when they are unable to do so.

It does not matter what security route you choose, it is always important to remember that everyone will not be pleased with every security measure because no measure is absolutely guaranteed.

The security guard who is being considered should be able to express clearly that he or she has the skills and ability to ensure your property will be safe. However, it will take some patience on the business owner or manager's part because it may take some time to get adjusted to a security guard patrolling your premises.

Hiring a security guard has a number of benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that a potential thief will usually run the other way as soon as he or she sees a security guard in the area.

The thief will rather make things easier on themselves and go to another building that they know is not being secured. A security guard who has been taught and trained well will also be able to spot a potential problem. When a security guard can spot certain behaviors, there will be less of a chance of criminal behavior taking place on a business's premises.

Do you have what it takes to provide the security services a company will need?

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Friday, June 10, 2016
In case you have not noticed, the security job market has plenty of openings for people like you who are looking for a fulfilling job. If you are looking for a big change in your career or if you just hope to get back to work, you should go after something that you want.

When you are looking for security guard employment, you have to remember that a hiring manager will have plenty of people to consider when the applications start rolling in.

If you do receive a phone call or email informing you that you have been selected for an interview, you have to find a way to maintain an edge over the other candidates. What will make you any different from the others? Why should you get offered the job and not the next person?

Here are some things you should keep in mind before you receive that call you have been waiting for:

Make sure your resume is up-to-date, and make sure it has been polished. If you need someone else's help, you should not be afraid to have someone help you ensure your resume is ready to be handed to the hiring manager.
Know as much as you can about the company who is considering hiring you for a security guard job.
Have a practice interview with a family member, friend, or yourself.
If you are called for an interview, give examples on how you would solve a certain situation if you were placed in the middle of it.
After the interview is over, you can send a thank-you letter to the interviewer for taking the time to interview you.
Many people who are security guard jobs have the job because they really wanted it. They knew what they wanted and went after it. Are you one of those people? Are you ready to work in security?

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Friday, June 03, 2016
When we think about security guards, we think about people who are dependable, reliable, and honest. It is not always easy to find the right people to be considered for a security guard or security officer opening because it is getting harder to find people who have the right attitude and the right mindset to be a security guard.

Becoming a good security guard will require a number of skills and attributes, and one of those attributes is the ability to communicate effectively to either get someone to follow your directions or to get them to stop causing havoc or being disruptive.

Security guards will also need to be quick on their feet because there will be times when they will need to participate in various activities because you need to be versatile in order to be an effective security guard.

If you have searched the job boards and read newspapers, you have discovered various security employment opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities for someone like you who is reliable and flexible enough to work whenever you are needed.

As a security officer, it is important to remember that you are not a police officer. This means that you will need to call the police at times when situations get out of hand and you need them to intervene.

If you are looking for a career move and are interested in making a difference in security, you should definitely move quickly. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for someone like you.

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Friday, May 27, 2016
Security personnel offers a great and important function in various aspects of the business world. It does not matter what type of industry it is, a security guard can make a huge difference within the workplace.

One of the great things about security guard employment is that many companies do not require someone to have experience in security. Many people have been hired for security jobs without having any previous work history in the field.

Training is available, and this helps to prepare individuals for the job. You do not have to stack on a ton of student loans and you do not have to spend countless hours in the classroom. You can dive into your job search and hope you can find a security guard position that requires little experience or no experience at all.

Once you find the right job to apply for and you are hired, there are many things you can do to become a great security guard. When you perform your job the right way, you can become a valuable asset to the company and you may have an opportunity to become an armed security guard.

If you are the type of person who does not want to sit in a chair all day typing on a computer because you are so active, a security guard job can be the perfect move for you. You will spend plenty of time on your feet, and you will be responsible for plenty of job tasks.

If you want to stay on the move and protect and serve different employees and consumers, you should become a security guard. There is a security guard position out there for you. Are you willing to take it?

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Friday, May 20, 2016
Many business owners or managers make securing their business a top priority. After all, there needs to be a sense of safety in and around the workplace. It will be extremely difficult to encourage potential customers to visit your place of business if they think there is a high chance of theft or other crime occurring.

Many business owners make the decision to hire a security officer to protect and serve the workplace environment. A security officer can be a huge asset to any type of business because many would-be robbers will think twice before entering a building protected by a security officer, especially if that security officer has a weapon.

Many people who want to become a security officer think that the process can be difficult and that there will be too many rules, laws, and guidelines to learn. However, it really only takes some basic understanding of rules and the laws that many people are already familiar with. You do not need to have a degree in law enforcement in order to be a successful security officer.

Since so many businesses, private and public, need to secure their premises, security officer employment is constantly on the rise. There are numerous opportunities for people like you who want to make a difference by working in law enforcement, without needing to a degree in law or criminal justice.

If you are thinking about applying for a job in security, there are many resources out there for you. Find a job you are interested in and go for it.

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Friday, May 13, 2016
A police officer is trained to respond and step in and assist with any crime or other activity on a property. A security officer's role is the opposite. A security officer receives training on how to protect and serve so nothing illegal will take place on a property. A security officer is responsible for the following:

preventing danger
ensuring that crime is not in the area
spotting anyone who may look suspicious and dangerous
reporting any suspicious activities and crimes
The role of a security officer is to prevent crime, and that is the ultimate goal. A security officer is hired by a company to perform certain duties so law enforcement officials will not have to be called.

When many potential shoplifters or other criminals see a security guard walking around the premises, they will usually go to a different building? Why? They would rather not take a chance of being caught and getting arrested. They know the chances of getting caught are higher as soon as they see a security officer who is actually doing his or her job.

A security officer who is active and vigilant will notice even the slightest weird noise and act on it. A security officer who is doing the job right will always be visible to deter any potential criminal activity. A security officer will know the best way to respond to any situation that occurs on the property.

Since there are so many criminals lurking, there is a number of security officer jobs available to people just like you. People who want to make a difference and help stop criminals who want to destroy property, harm people, and shoplift. If you have been looking for a change in the job world and you want to prevent criminal activity, you should consider becoming a security officer.

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Friday, May 06, 2016
As you continue to search for the right security guard job, you should think positively and imagine being called in for an interview at any moment. You want to be fully prepared for the future interview so you will give yourself the best chance at succeeding in the interview and earning the job.

We have included some tips that we hope will help will not only prepare you for the interview but help you succeed.

Anticipation Is Key

It is never easy to guess which type of questions you will be asked at an interview, but you can likely anticipate the type of questions you may be asked. If you have been interviewed before, you can have some answers prepared. When you can come fully prepared with well-thought out answers, your future boss will be highly pleased at how well you answer questions and communicate.

Do Not Be Late

If you want to make a good first impression on the day of your interview, you should arrive early. You do not want to make a bad impression by arriving late or not having all of your information together.

You do not want to arrive too early because you will have to wait longer; waiting longer could cause you to become nervous and anxious. You want to make things easier on yourself, and not worse.

It will certainly help if you can have a practice interview with a family member or friend who will give you pointers and advice on what you need to work on. If you do not feel comfortable practicing with a friend, then you can practice on your own.

If you can imagine succeeding at your job interview, then you should be just fine. Are you ready to apply for a security guard job and succeed at the interview?

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Friday, April 28, 2016
When you think about security employment, chances are you probably are not thinking about public relations or anything similar to that. Should you actually need to think about public relations and image when? Yes, because having the necessary skills in public relations will certainly be helpful when looking for employment as a security officer.

The Company's Reputation

For many businesses that employ security officers, the security officer will be the first person people see when they walk through the doors. The security officer will become one of the many faces of the company. This is why it is important for businesses to hire security officers who have the ability to interact and socialize with a variety of people.

A security officer who can make others feel safe and comfortable is a great asset to a company. Anyone who is considering becoming a security officer should have the skills to not only protect assets and people but the company's brand and reputation.

Ability To Listen

As a security officer, you will encounter so many people on a daily basis. Yes, verbal skills are needed, but so are listening skills. Some people may approach you with concerns and questions, and you have to know how to listen before you can address their concerns. When you are a better listener, you can be a better talker because you understand the concerns. It does not matter how distressed or frustrated a customer may be, you have to do your best to listen before giving any reaction.

The company's image can be helped or hurt by the security officer. A security officer needs to have various skills in order to become an invaluable asset to a company. Do you think you have what it takes to master the art of public relations to become a reliable security officer?

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Friday, April 22, 2016
There is a constant need for security in business, especially with the threats and dangers lurking around on a daily basis. A security officer is hired to protect not only the property but the people as well.

Some security officers are even trained to respond to a medical emergency. There are a variety of businesses and organizations that hire security officers. Some of them include the following:

department stores
government buildings
businesses that are privately owned
If you are looking for security officer employment, you should know that some companies want to hire security guards who are available around the clock. If you have the flexibility that is needed to work these types of hours, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Many security companies or privately-owned businesses will prefer that their job candidates have a high school diploma and can pass a background check. Some states require that you have a license, but this is not always necessary. Check with your state to be certain on if a security officer license is required in order to be hired.

There are various other names or job titles that are considered part of security. If you have been unable to find any security officer job listings during your search, it could be because you are limiting your options by only searching for "security officer" or "security guard". You can make a search for security specialists, loss prevention specialists, airport security, etc.

You can find a variety of job listings in security. If you take your time and write down your favorite job openings, you will be sure to find the right job to apply for.

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Friday, April 15, 2016
There is a constant need for security in business, especially with the threats and dangers lurking around on a daily basis. A security officer is hired to protect not only the property but the people as well.

Some security officers are even trained to respond to a medical emergency. There are a variety of businesses and organizations that hire security officers. Some of them include the following:

department stores
government buildings
businesses that are privately owned
If you are looking for security officer employment, you should know that some companies want to hire security guards who are available around the clock. If you have the flexibility that is needed to work these types of hours, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Many security companies or privately-owned businesses will prefer that their job candidates have a high school diploma and can pass a background check. Some states require that you have a license, but this is not always necessary. Check with your state to be certain on if a security officer license is required in order to be hired.

There are various other names or job titles that are considered part of security. If you have been unable to find any security officer job listings during your search, it could be because you are limiting your options by only searching for "security officer" or "security guard". You can make a search for security specialists, loss prevention specialists, airport security, etc.

You can find a variety of job listings in security. If you take your time and write down your favorite job openings, you will be sure to find the right job to apply for.

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Friday, April 07, 2016
When you have a positive attitude and you think positively about things, you will be able to do your job better than you can if you have a negative attitude. There are various security guard jobs available to people just like you. However, it is going to take the right attitude if you want to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

You can have a positive impact on the customers and employees who you will see on a daily basis. A large percentage of the people you will speak with will be impacted by the attitude you have, so why not do your best to have a positive impact on people?

You will not be able to count the number of people you will see daily when you become a security guard. If your positive attitude shows on a daily basis, you will have no idea how easier you can make things in the workplace. You can help the workplace avoid any type of trouble with your positive attitude because your positive attitude can trickle down to everyone else.

Your attitude will also have an impact on how you behave at work. If you have a positive attitude, you will be able to get more work done throughout the day and you will be able to effectively monitor the situations than you would with a negative attitude. Your attitude is more than just what you say to people; it also shows in your tone of voice and the expressions you make.

An important thing to know if you are interested in becoming a security guard is to remember that it will take a positive attitude on a daily basis. Do you think you have the attitude it takes to become a security guard?

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Friday, April 01, 2016
When things become tough at a business, in terms of burglary and theft, business owners and managers will desperately seek the assistance of experienced and skilled security guards. The hiring of security guards is expected to grow by a high percentage in the next few years.

Security employment is not just available in a particular industry; there are various industries that need the assistance of security guards. Some of those industries include the following:

shopping malls
small, medium, large-sized businesses
jewelry stores
grocery stores
What will it take for you to obtain a security guard license so you can be employed as the protector of someone else's property and assets?


In order to become a security guard, regardless of the state you are in, you will need to have at least a high school diploma. Some states may require you to have more than a diploma, such as a higher degree.

If you meet the educational requirements, you will need to apply for you security guard license. When you find your government department, you will be able to obtain information about the requirements you need to meet in order to apply and qualify your license.

After you have met all of the requirements and qualifications that are necessary to obtain a security guard license, you should seek employment. If you are ready to start working, you should not hesitate to get out there and seek employment. You have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and markets. Are you ready to start working?

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Friday, March 25, 2016
Security services and safety services are at a high level when we talk about the needs of humans. The need to feel safe and secure surrounds the body, property, and resources. The need to want security services may be an instinct, but there are many reasons why someone should want to be protected.

The type of dangers or concerns that someone can be confronted with can greatly depend on the type of situation he or she is faced with. Although the dangers and situations are not the same, there are different methods of security that can be used.

There needs to be a team of people in an organization that will work closely together to provide effective security and safety measures. The person who has been chosen as the team leader should be responsible for utilizing all of the necessary tools to protect the company, the people, and all of its resources and property.

When the security team is created, there needs to be a full idea or objective that everyone is aware of. The team of security guards can be a team of two or three people, or it can be a full team that has multiple members. Regardless of the size of the team, the objectives of protecting the people and the property should be met.

Effective security guard training will provide the security team with information on enforcement, social skills, appearance, attitude, weapons, drills, self-defense, etc.

All of these training tools will provide the security team with the feeling that they can get the job done every single day. As a leader, security should be something that you strive to perfect. It is important that you develop a culture of security.

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Friday, March 18, 2016
Are you interested in a security guard job? Do you know about everything it takes to become a security guard? Are you interested in knowing about the basic requirements and training that are needed in order to be considered as a candidate for one of the open positions you are considering applying for?

One of the fastest growing industries in the world is definitely security services. Why? Unfortunately, there is an increased rate in the amount of crime that occurs, but not enough effective security measures. For this reason, many companies are interested in protecting their assets and valuables.

Becoming a security guard can be one of the best decisions you have ever made because it is such a smart idea. You can become a full-time or part-time security guard. You will not have to strain yourself doing strenuous work and physical labor, but you will still be able to make money.

How To Become A Security Guard

Know the educational requirements(in some states, there will not be a minimum requirement for education)
Know what type of training is required for the security officer position you are considering applying for
Find out if you will need to have a permit for the job
If you are applying for a position that requires you to be armed, you will need to have a license to carry a weapon
After you have done your research and found out everything you need to apply for a position, you should go out and seek the employment you are looking for.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016
Security guards have no shortage of work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For years the private security industry has been steadily gaining ground, and the expanding industry means there's plenty of work to go around. However, for those who are looking for jobs in this burgeoning field, it might be a surprise as to which industries are actually hiring the most security offices.

Which Industries Offer The Most Security Officer Employment?

Unsurprisingly, the biggest employer is the investigations and security services industry. That accounts for nearly 75 percent of the security officer employment in the industry, but there are plenty of other positions out there for individuals who don't want to be attacked to a traditional security company. Other industries include medical and surgical hospitals, local government, elementary and secondary schools, and traveler accommodations (a fancy word for hotel security).

That doesn't account for every single security job there is, but the remaining fields, such as special event security for sporting arenas or security for power plants, make up a fairly small amount of the industry's total whole.

Where Do You Want To Work?

If you are looking for a job in the security industry, you need to be able to amplify your voice, and make the right connections. If you want to find a job the smart way, that means going through a site like in order to get your resume in front of as many different companies as possible in your area. Because while there might be openings for ground-level guards with several investigative and security firms, there might also be an opening for a shift captain at the local power station you would never have known about.

With so many options, it pays to cast a wide net when you're looking for your next security job.

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Thursday, March 03, 2016
You will find many professions that require you to be firm in order to effectively fulfill your responsibilities and duties. The job of a school security officer is one of those professions.

During the entire school day, you will likely be asked a number of questions. Sometimes you will have the answer and sometimes you will not. If you do not know an answer, you will probably be expected to figure out the answer somehow. The answers you will give will usually be answers that you have gotten from your supervisors or co-workers.

Just being present will mean that students, co-workers, parents, guests, etc. will ask you questions and they will hope you can provide them with the right answers.

You are responsible for protecting students, teachers, other co-workers, and parents when they enter the building. If something looks dangerous or seems dangerous, it is your responsibility to ensure everyone will be safe.

If you recognize a dangerous situation and do not act on it, you are going to be seen as an irresponsible security officer. In order to ensure that dangerous activity does not take place, you will have to be firm.

Do not be afraid to back down, after all, you are being paid to ensure no one is in danger while on the school's property. Some people may not agree with how you do things because they may not be used to it.

However, you have to promote security and safety, so you will have to do what is best for everyone, even if some people may not realize that you are just trying to help them by keeping them safe.

You may not want to be the bad guy, but sometimes that may be the route you have to take in order to promote security. You will be required to make some tough decisions, but people will soon realize that you are doing it for their own good

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Thursday, Feburary 25, 2016
If you are interested in working in a field that will allow you to protect people and property, you may want to consider looking for security officer employment. You can work in an environment that will give you the opportunity to become a valuable asset to the entire company.

Deter Crime

When companies want to deter crime on their property and around their property, they hire security personnel. Do you think a thief or troublemaker would be willing to test their luck when they see a security guard on the property? Probably not.

When a trained security officer is hired to patrol the area, the company is sending a message that they will not tolerate any type of misbehavior or criminal conduct. Having a security officer and not just a camera will have more of an impact on anyone who is attempting to commit a crime.

The Comings And Goings

When you are patrolling the entire property, you will be able to get a good look at who is coming and going. You will know who usually comes onto the property and you will get a good feel of everyone, especially if you see them on a regular basis.

Do you think you have what it takes to keep property and people safe on a daily basis? If you are willing to do what it takes to deter crime and fulfill the other requirements that are necessary to do your job, you should definitely seek additional information about security officer employment.

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Thursday, Feburary 18, 2016
If you have a degree in criminal justice, one of the many careers that you can pursue is a security guard. Being a security guard will mean that you will be required to have several responsibilities. Security guards ae responsible for providing protection for people and property.

Security guards are expected to protect everyone and everything from any type of danger, such as the following:

any type of danger
Do you think you becoming a security guard is a career you would be interested in seeking? If so, there are a few qualities that you will be expected to have.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a security guard, you will need to have either a diploma or a GED to be hired as a security guard. Many employers will prefer to hire someone who has earned an associate degree in criminal justice. Earning an associate degree in criminal justice means that you have taken the time to obtain the skills, training, and knowledge of what it takes to be a successful security guard.

Physical Strength

Do you have the physical ability to keep up with the demands of being a security guard? Since you will be responsible for patrolling the area and confronting people who may look suspicious, you will need to be able to have the physical strength to keep up with the pressure and daily demands of the job.

Staying Alert

Since you are responsible for protecting people and the properties, you will need to have the ability to remain alert. You have to constantly be ready for anything and everything. You will never know what can happen on any given day.

Do you think security guard employment is in your future? If so, you should take the necessary steps in becoming a security guard.

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Thursday, Feburary 11, 2016
Before you start applying for security guard jobs, you may have thought a bit about how you are going to pay for the job essentials, such as a jacket for night shifts, several pairs of pants, and shoes. Although many individuals will head to a local store and make their purchases, you can prepare for working as a security guard and staying frugal by taking advantage of a few easy-to-follow tips.

Buy High-Quality Shoes

While you have an opportunity to buy shoes at a thrift store, you should avoid this because you want your shoes to fit perfectly to your feet and not someone else’s. Also, as a security guard, you will likely be on your feet for most of the day, so you want to remain comfortable throughout your entire shift. Buying high-quality shoes is a frugal decision as it provides you with comfort, support, and longevity.

Shop at Thrift Stores

For the rest of your outfit needs, you can take your money to thrift stores. It is easy to find work pants, a lightweight jacket, and a heavy-duty jacket all at affordable prices. If you happen to find a great deal on clothing, but the fit is not perfect, you can always get pieces tailored and still save money.

Get an Economical Car

If you have to drive a decent distance to work or you know that you will be working at various locations at random, you should consider investing in an economical car to minimize your travel expenses. It is easy for a truck, SUV, or sports car to add up in gas costs when you have a long commute.

Staying frugal with your security guard job is an ideal way to keep more of your paycheck.

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Thursday, January 31, 2016
The field of private security has been growing for some time, and according to all the predictions that growth isn't going to stop any time soon. Just because there are a lot of jobs in the security field, though, that doesn't mean you should just throw out one line when you're fishing for a new position. Instead, you need to cast as wide a net as possible in order to get the best possible.

Finding Security Employment With Modern Technology

In the old days, applying for security employment was a huge hassle. You had to drive around to collect applications, fill them out, and then drop them off. That process could take several days, and it was labor intensive. Worse, though, was that it was particularly easy for a lone employment seeker to miss companies who had security openings in a certain area.

Fortunately, the Internet has made finding security work a lot easier, and a lot less labor intensive.

For example, if someone logs onto, that user only has to fill out the necessary information once. We then take that information, and broadcast it to our network of professional security companies. This means that our applicants only have to input their personal information once, but we help them cast a wider net so that more companies know about them. Which is how you, too, can make contact with security companies you might not even know about, to find the perfect job you didn't even know was available.

Why wait any longer? Stop by today to see what we can do for you.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016
Enjoying where you live and not being okay with moving is something that will definitely limit you in terms of what kind of security guard jobs you can land. However, when you are flexible enough to live anywhere, you should keep a few details in mind to put yourself into the best situation possible.

Prioritize Cities or Towns with Affordable Cost of Living

It is ideal to look at cities or towns that have a low cost of living, mainly because you do not want to be spending every dollar that you make from working as a security guard to just pay the bills. While it is a common situation for many individuals, this kind of lifestyle is not enjoyable or reliable.

Exercise Your Flexibility to Get Higher Wages

By being flexible in your willingness to live almost anywhere, you should take advantage of this to get higher wages. Although it is common for big cities to provide higher wages, you can definitely find several smaller cities with worthwhile wages by taking your time when it comes to researching your options.

Pick a Job with Advancement Opportunities

Before you make any final decisions, you want to find out whether a job has advancement opportunities. Without any, you will have to find another employer to turn your security work into a healthy career. It might not be your goal to work in the same city for the rest of your life, but many security companies operate throughout the country or at least in several states, so you can make use of these job openings.

It is easier to succeed while working in security when you are a flexible individual.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016
Whether your family situation has changed, your bonuses are not the same, or you are not working as much as in the past, you might feel the need to generate more income for your family. However, you may not have the ability to just work more at your current job to get the money that you need. An alternative solution is to look for another job, but you should hold out for a high-quality job. For instance, security companies are generally great employers as the work comes with quite a few noteworthy benefits.

Save Up for a Large Expense

Saving up for a major expense such as a car, home, or new child is not an easy thing to do, unless you start making more money and work towards minimizing your monthly expenses. With more income, you will have an opportunity to put extra money aside, which is exactly what you want to accomplish.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

Security jobs are unlike other jobs in that you can find work at any point during a day. If you work in the morning, you can get security jobs that happen in the evening and later. It is also possible to get morning security jobs when you go to work in the afternoon and are up late before going to sleep.

Open to Benefits

If your current job does not offer health benefits, you should know that security jobs generally include health insurance, especially when you have lots of job experience that you can use advantageously. Also, getting sick days and vacation pay is certainly a possibility for a security job.

Applying everywhere you can is the best way to get a second job that fits your needs.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016
While you are in high school, you should think about what you want to do for your career, mainly because the decisions that you make right after graduating can have a huge influence on how quickly and successfully you are able to get started with your profession of choice. If you want to become a cop, you should look for security guard employment as soon as you have graduated and turned 18.

Performs Many of the Same Responsibilities

Security guards and cops perform many of the same responsibilities, so you can use this as an opportunity to learn about important skills and improve upon them while you are working for a security company.

Gain Highly Valuable Job Experience

Working any job is beneficial for becoming a cop, but if you want to maximize your chances of getting hired, especially at a police station of your choice, you should take advantage of highly valuable job experience. A security guard job that you can get right out of high school is one of the best opportunities that you have available for obtaining experience that will help you succeed as a cop.

Mix Part-Time Work with College

Going to college can also help you with successfully becoming a cop. Not only is the education beneficial, but it is a job requirement for higher-level police jobs, such as working for federal agencies. Majors that are somewhat related to law enforcement is ideal as it can put you above other applicants and it can help you excel at your job, but having some level of college education is better than not having any at all.

Taking action by applying for security jobs is the best thing that you can do out of high school.

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Thursday, January 07, 2016
Private security has steadily increased over the years, becoming one of the larger fields of employment in the United States. From street-level security officers who observe and report on what they encounter, to alarm installers, to VIP protection, there are a huge number of options available in the security field. However, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that private security will keep growing, finding the job that's right for you can be a labor-intensive search.

Unless, that is, you use the right service to get more results with a lot less work on your part.

Find Security Officer Employment

So, you're looking for a job as a security officer. You know the jobs are out there, it's just a matter of finding a position you want. So what do you do? Well, you could drive around to the local security companies, and fill out a job application for each one. You could go online to job boards, and fill out every application you find for a position you want. And then you can sift through the results, hoping you get an offer that's acceptable.

Or, you could turn to

What we do is act as a match maker between people like you, and the security companies who need to fill their ranks with skilled, talented professionals. So, you give us your information, and we match you with the companies in your area. You fill out one form, and we do the rest. In a way, it's like putting a megaphone to your lips; even though you only gave out your information once, everyone who needed to get it is going to get it.

Why do things the hard way if you don't have to? Just fill out your information once, then sit back and let the job offers come to you.

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Thursday, December 31, 2015
Although you are almost guaranteed to receive some applicants when you put up a job posting on online classifieds, and even more when you have signs around your city of operation, you should think about expanding your efforts to maximize the applications that you receive. The more applicants you have to choose from, the more capable you will be of hiring the most fitting and qualified individuals.

Using a job board is an excellent move when you have security employment openings.

Optimize Time and Effort Required

When you decide to use a job board, you naturally minimize the time and effort that you have to put into getting your employment openings out into the world. Job boards are full of people who are looking for work, and you can benefit even more when you are able to use a security-based job board.

Choose Your Ideal Candidates

Posting job openings in the classifieds or on signs will require you to wait for applications to come, but a job board provides you with the ability to choose candidates that already have their resume on file. In some cases, you might find everyone you need to hire without having to receive any applications.

Fill Up the Roles Faster

If you have numerous openings, you will undoubtedly fill up these positions faster by using a job board. Along with popular online classifieds, these job boards have the highest concentration of people looking for work, which means you will receive a large number of applications in a short period of time. However, the main advantage that job boards have over classifieds is the number of qualified individuals.

Advertising your security employment openings through multiple methods will reduce the time that it takes to find the right people for the job, and incorporating a job board is an essential addition.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015
Whether you are being supported while you are going to school or you have to pay for your own expenses, you should think about picking up a part-time job to earn some money. Although you have plenty of job options to choose from, some better than others, you should really consider security guard jobs. These jobs are perfect for those who are working on getting a degree for several reasons.

Great Job Experience

While any job will provide you with job experience, some jobs allow you to pick up better qualities. With a security guard job, you can improve your ability to communicate and work well with others, and it will give you knowledge and experience in security, which is an important aspect of almost every business.

Nighttime Demand

Since most classes happen in the morning or during the day, you can expect to have free time at night. Fortunately, many security jobs consist of nighttime shifts, which you can easily fit into your schedule.

Flexible Scheduling

It is not hard to find a security company that can work with your school schedule, whereas some jobs simply need you to work at a certain time and cannot provide you with much flexibility. Since school is more important than a part-time job, you need to make schedule flexibility a priority.

Reasonable Pay

Although a large number of jobs that you can find as a college student will pay minimum wage, you do not have to worry about receiving the same pay for security guard work. Since these jobs require training and come with a considerable amount of responsibility, you can expect to receive reasonable pay.

If you are looking for a job while in college, do not hesitate to look at security guard openings.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015
Whether you are working and want to look for another job or you are currently unemployed, you can use your past or current job experience to improve your chances of landing a job. Regarding the security industry, almost any job can provide you with valuable experience that will help you become a better security guard, so you should not hesitate to apply for security companies.

Customer Service

Most of the time, your job as a security guard will be providing customer service to individuals, whether it is customers, tenants, or employees. In this situation, you need to be approachable, aware, and friendly, which will make it easier for people to ask you questions or get your assistance.

Physical Fitness

If you have job experience that has helped you become extremely fit on a physical level, or it was a requirement for the job, you can use this to your advantage with security guard jobs. Although not all security guards have to utilize extreme fitness to perform their job responsibilities, those with physical prowess will have an edge in regard to lasting long shifts and responding to emergencies quickly.


Security guards often work with many individuals on a daily basis. For instance, you may need to collaborate with managers that give you specific instructions or employees that need your assistance.

Although working as a security guard is an ideal way to gain security-related job experience, you cannot underestimate your previous job experience, especially when it comes with valuable learning lessons.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015
Whether you have aspirations to live in a certain city or live in a variety of cities over the years, you should look into jobs that give you the opportunity to comfortably live this kind of lifestyle. It is not a simple task to accomplish, but you should have no problem finding a few jobs with security companies, especially when you have security-related job experience to showcase on your resume.

Get a Security Job and Save Up Money

When you decide that you want to move somewhere, you should get a security job and use it to save up as much money as you can. Eventually, you will have saved up enough money to move.

Move to Your Desired Location

The next step is to move to your desired location. It is important to understand that smaller cities have less of a demand for security-related jobs, but it is still possible to find them in these locations. However, larger cities are almost always in demand for security jobs, which makes them an outstanding choice.

Find a New Security Job

If you can travel to the city you are going to live in before actually moving there, you might want to apply for security jobs to have a job lined up as soon as you arrive. However, another option is to have enough money saved up to allow yourself to get settled into your new home before applying for jobs.

Jobs with security companies are quite nice because they give you so much freedom.

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Thursday, December 03, 2015
Making a big decision to look for security guard employment is usually followed by plenty of research. Once you have your sights set on the security guard job you want to go after, you will have to create a new resume and start thinking about what you will do when you are called for the interview.

Before you are hired as a security guard, you will have to go through a process of one or several interviews in order to determine if you are qualified. Unfortunately, this is the part where many potential candidates do not perform well. When you are called for an interview, it should be your main goal to do well in the interviews so you can improve your chances of getting the job.

We want to help you prepare your mind for the type of interview questions that you can be expected to hear.

Why do you want this security guard job?
Do you have experience in security or ensuring the safety of others?
What can you bring to our company?
Can you make an immediate contribution to our guidelines and policies?
Are you certified? If so, what type of certifications do you have?
We want to know your strengths; what are they?
When was the last time you were faced with a difficult situation? How did you handle it?
What are you willing to do to improve yourself if you are hired?
When you have a few minutes when nothing is going on, what do you think you will do?
After all of these questions have been answered, you should not hesitate to ask the person interviewing you a few questions. If you have done your research on the company, you will typically already have your questions ready.

We hope these questions can help you during your search for security guard employment.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015
Although it is possible to apply for one or two security guard jobs and end up getting hired, looking for a job in this manner will only keep your chances of landing a job to a minimum. It is important to get your name, and more importantly, your resume out there to potential employers in high numbers. When this happens, you will be in a better position for landing security guard jobs.

Do Not Miss Out on Job Offerings

When it is in your hands to apply for each job that comes up, you may miss out on certain opportunities, especially when you are currently working, going to school, or have other time-consuming obligations. It is crucial to not miss out on the job offerings that could end up being an ideal fit for you.

Get Applications in Quickly

One of the issues with highly desirable jobs is that those who do not put an application in quickly, generally do not have much of a chance to land the job because other fitting individuals have already put in applications. Ideally, you want to be one of the first few to get an application in to show your dedication.

Apply for More Jobs

When you take the time to create a high-quality resume, you want to get it in the hands of potential employers. With job finding services, you can feel confident that your resume will get to more jobs than if you were to put in applications on your own. These additional opportunities are what you need to get hired quickly, as well as to end up with a job that meshes with your job-related wants and needs.

Accepting help for turning in applications will substantially improve your job-hunting experience.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015
As someone that is actively seeking employment in the security industry, it is always advantageous to get to know the different companies that you will be applying for. Not only does this help you in the interview process but it will also help you to weed out companies that don't fit your needs, or ultimately are not a good company to work for. Security services companies that provide an excellent service for their clients and for their employees alike. Companies that are a thrill to work for often exhibit a few traits that you should look for when evaluating a company.

Clear Expectations

Security services companies specialize in providing a streamlined service to their clients. They offer the best security services they can and work with many security professionals that have experience in the field. When a company makes their expectations very clear from the first interaction (usually the job posting) then you have a pretty good idea that they will continue to be straight forward with you in future placements.

Great Benefits

The pay for security jobs is well established, but the area where companies truly shine is through benefits. Great benefits can greatly increase the value of a job for potential employees. Jobs that offer excellent health, dental and vision plans are worth much more to you. We all have to go see the doctor from time to time, and not having to pay out of pocket can be a huge expense.

Positive Employment Experiences

It is always a good idea to review the experiences that previous customers have had with a company before beginning employment with them. There are a handful of websites that allow previous employees to leave reviews about the companies that they have worked for and give new hires an idea of what to expect before their first day of work.

Security jobs are often stable, fulfilling, and a great opportunity for those with previous security experience. Try to find a company that exhibits the traits outlined in this article for an excellent employment experience.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015
The crime rate and need for security in many areas have created many security officer jobs. If you are looking for a security officer job, you are bound to find something that will fit your needs and skills. If you know what a security officer job involves, it may be easier for you to find a security officer job opening that is suitable for you.


A security officer can be hired in a shopping center or by an individual store. Some stores that have really expensive products such as electronics and jewelry will prefer to hire a security officer to give them extra protection while people are shopping. One of the main responsibilities of a shopping center or store security guard is to make sure no one steals anything from the store.

Every security officer guard will be assigned to an area where they will be required to watch. The security officers may work full-time or part-time. During the busy shopping periods, such as holidays, security officers may be required to work additional hours. If you want to become a security officer, you will need to have the health and energy needed to work long hours and walk around the stores. Many security officers wear uniforms, but others may not be required to wear a uniform.

Private Property Areas

There are some private property locations that need security officers. The security officers who are employed at these locations will be required to guard the property. They will have to know the entire layout of the property in order to fully protect it. Security officers should be familiar with who usually comes and goes onto the problem.

Security officer jobs are in big demand, and you can be one of the next great security officers.

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Thursday, November 05, 2015
The security industry is always in demand, which makes security-related jobs quite healthy. If you want to be a part of this industry and either work in security temporarily or turn it into a career, you need to understand some of the major responsibilities that come with security guard jobs. While standard duties should be pretty self-explanatory, there are a few critical situations in which your expertise is absolutely essential.

Workplace Violence

Whether it is between two employees, an employee and a customer, or two customers, you need to make sure that workplace violence is brought to a halt as soon as it starts to happen. It is crucial to always be aware of your surroundings as it will help you respond quickly to workplace violence situations.

Employee Injury

If an employee gets injured, the other employees should not be responsible for helping them. It is your professional training and extensive knowledge that can get them the help that they need. As a security guard, you need to remain calm and collected, even when a severe injury happens, and this is because the injured employee and the other employees will be relying on you to take care of the emergency.

Fire Outbreak

Although most fires are preventable, some fires cannot be stopped. However, once the fire begins, you can take action to prevent it from spreading throughout the business. It is important to know exactly where all fire extinguishers are, how to use a fire extinguisher, and how to get customers and employees to safety.

While the likeliness of these situations happening on a routine basis is extremely minimal, you should still know how to handle each one to feel confident in your abilities as a security guard.

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Thursday,October 29, 2015
A career in security is often a lucrative investment. Most medium and large companies have at least a single security guard on duty during the day and night shifts, and those jobs will not disappear anytime soon. The need for a physical security presence will be supplemented by advancements in technology and not replaced by it in the future.

But the competition is often stiff. Many prospective security employees come from police and military backgrounds and are transitioning into a security career, and you may be in that boat as well. There are a few simple tricks that you need to consider when applying for security related jobs.

Don't Overemphasize a Police or Military Background

Most companies that regularly hire for security positions have interviewed many individuals for these positions in the past. A good portion of these interviewees would have come from military or police backgrounds. They will be familiar with the traits, skills and experiences of your average police officer or soldier and come in with certain expectations based on the experiences listed on your resume.

While you shouldn't avoid the subject, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Highlight the most interesting or unusual portions of your police or military experience but don't place too much importance on those areas. Instead, show them how your policing background has supplemented other skills you have.

Show Them You Understand the Needs of Their Company

Show any security hiring managers that you do your due diligence and have researched their company thoroughly. Give specific examples of how you might handle situations that pertain to the position you are applying for, and surprise them with your knowledge of the position from the moment that you step foot into the interview.

Provide Problem-Solving Examples

Instead of highlighting experience that is assumed for former police and military professionals, place the focus on your problem solving skills. Security Guard Jobs often deal with many unique situations and showing hiring managers that you are able to quickly solve problems on the fly will show them that you are the best candidate for the job.

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Thursday,October 22, 2015
A security guard job can be very difficult, but it is an important job. If you are fortunate enough to be hired for a security guard, you should take plenty of pride in your job. You want to be the best security guard you can be so you can prove to the company that you were the best candidate and that they made a good decision when they hired you.

If you want to do well on your job, you should remember the following:

Your Work Guide/Manual

You will need to be prepared to read the company's manual thoroughly. You will want to know what policies and guidelines the company have so you will be able to follow them and so you will know what to inform people about the policies. You will need to take the job seriously. You should study the company's manual the same way you would if you knew you would be tested on it.

Work Out/Exercise

It is important to do what is necessary to stay in shape when you are working as a security guard. You do not want to have a lazy attitude simply because you have the job. You want to be great at the job, so you should remain in the best condition possible. You may also want to take self-defense courses when you are working out.

Try To Stay Positive

When you have any type of job, you should always try to have a good attitude. You should not feel the need to be negative or make others feel bad. If you show that you have a good attitude, you are showing the company that you are an important piece to the company.

When you are hired as a security guard, you should always remember that times will get tough, but it is up to you what happens when those times are hard on you. Are you going to remain positive and prove that you are the right person for the job?

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Thursday,October 15, 2015
While it is possible to be persistent and get lucky with landing an incredible job as a security guard, you will find that several years of job experience can go a long way with security companies. If you want to carry major job responsibilities or work for a certain company, you should understand that job experience is sometimes all that you need to become eligible for the position you ultimately desire.

Job Experience is Invaluable

If you have not worked in the security industry before, you might find that after working in the industry for some time, what you thought would be an ideal security job is actually not what you want anymore.

However, regardless of the job you want in the future, job experience is invaluable.

Training is Limited

Although you can become eligible for various jobs with extensive training and learn quite a lot, you must understand that training has its limitations. While it is beneficial to learn as much as you can from training, there is a point in which you will learn much more from actual job experience instead.

Learn the Ropes

Security companies that want to hire experienced security professionals are looking for people who know the ropes of the industry and general job responsibilities. It is their goal to not have to train their security guards the basics of the job, but for their new employees to understand these details already.

Take Notes

When you work in the security industry, do not hesitate to take notes. Whether you carry a small notebook and write down valuable lessons or keep mental notes, you should use the method that works for you.

Landing great security jobs might not happen in the beginning, but it is definitely a possibility when you invest enough time, effort, and dedication to being the best security guard.

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Thursday,October 8, 2015
Before you become a security guard, you need to go through one or more interviews to land a job. However, this is where many individuals fail to impress potential employers. It should be your highest priority to excel during interviews to maximize your chance of landing security guard employment.

Showcase Essential Skills

While you might have a range of skills, there are certain skills that are more useful for security jobs, and you need to know what they are to showcase them in an interview. For instance, those who are adept at monitoring surveillance equipment or have several years of self-defense training are ideal candidates.

It is also crucial for security guards to be perceptive as they need to be able to determine the red flags in any given situation, and this becomes even more vital when providing security for large crowds.

Anticipate Questions

To excel in an interview, you have to be able to anticipate the questions that will be asked. It is imperative to have predetermined responses for a number of questions as this will give you confidence, not only in your overall response, but in delivering answers in an easy-to-understand and effective manner.

Know the Job Already

If you are applying for a position in which you will carry a weapon, you must know how to respond to questions regarding weapons to avoid giving the wrong answer and missing out on a job opportunity.

As a security guard, you should not intend to use a weapon unless your life is threatened or you have no other choice and it has become your last resort to try to fix the situation at hand.

Gaining a great deal of knowledge about security jobs can help you excel in interviews.

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Thursday,October 1, 2015
We are social beings who need to interact with others in order to make it in this world. This means that communication is one of the essential things we need in order to maintain survival in this world. In every place and every job, communication is very important in order to remain productive and efficient, as well as to ensure everyone understands what is expected from the next person.

Security companies look for security officers who have the ability to ensure the safety of the employees and customers at the workplace. However, in order for someone to be an effective security officer, he or she must have the proper communication skills so they can communicate with customers, the clients, and other security officers who are also on duty.

Effective Communication

As a security officer, you will meet a significant amount of people due to the type of job you have and the responsibilities you are given. You will see faces and talk to people from the time you start working for the day until the time your work day ends. This is why it is so important that you have the necessary skills to express yourself in a way that everyone else will understand.

Create A Positive Working Environment

When you are the security officer, you will usually be the first person people see. When you have the right communication skills, you will be able to develop a positive environment and give them the peace of mind that you are there to protect them. If a customer or employees has a problem and they tell you what that problem is, you will have to be able to use your skills to describe the problem to the right person.

When you interview for a security officer position, you will be evaluated during the interview process. You should be able to communicate non-verbally and verbally in order to fulfill your job responsibilities.

If you want to be hired for a security officer position, you will need to have the basic requirements, which include communication skills. Do you have what it takes to be a security officer?

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Thursday,September 24, 2015
Whether you are fresh out of high school or just want to find a part-time job, you might think about canceling out security jobs because they do not mesh with the career you want to have in the future. However, security employment can prove to be extremely valuable for just about everyone.

Improve Communication

When you work as a security guard, you are required to communicate. In many cases, you will end up communicating with numerous individuals, other security personnel, and employees of various businesses. The most reliable and effective method to get better at communication is by practicing it on a regular basis, and this is exactly the kind of on-the-job training that you can get with a security guard job.

Learn Attentiveness

Paying attention on the job is not always that easy, especially after a long day of work or bout of silence. However, as a security guard, you must be on your toes at all times, which cannot be said for all jobs. Learning attentiveness will help you stay focused at other jobs, where you would have otherwise struggled.

Work All Hours

Although it is not always the case, many security guard jobs require you to work all sorts of hours. While the schedule may be quite hectic, you can get a great feel for working in the morning, at night, and in the day. After working in security, you will have a better idea of when you want to work to best fit your lifestyle.

Gain Overall Knowledge

As a security professional, you will naturally gain on-the-job knowledge. From working as a team to following specific instructions, this experience can prove to be incredibly valuable down the line with other jobs.

If you want to gain valuable knowledge while working, you should consider working as a security guard.

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Thursday,September 17, 2015
Around this time of year, the seasonal job openings start to show up. This means there will be numerous opportunities to earn a good paycheck plus more. With more people expected to be out looking for things for the upcoming holidays, many stores will need to increase their security.

This means they will need people like you to fill those openings. You may think that applying for seasonal security officer employment will result in you taking a step back, but this is not true. A seasonal security officer position can benefit you in various ways.

You Will Earn A Paycheck

This is an obvious benefit, right? You will earn money for working; it does not matter if it is a temporary, part-time, or full-time job as long as you are earning money for your work. If you know how to spend wisely and create a budget, you will be able to save money if you are unable to find another job after your seasonal security officer job is over.

New Skills To Place On Your Resume

If the seasonal job is the first job you have had in a while, the seasonal security officer job will be something to add to your resume. You could have already had a job where you have had to communicate with people, but after you have received training for your security job, you will have learned some new skills regarding communication.

Meeting New People

You will never know who you will see and speak with at a temporary job. Someone may like the work ou are doing, and they may have a permanent job opening or they may know someone who can help you. You should take this opportunity to make all the connections you can.

If you need a job for the upcoming season or if you are looking to make a complete career change, you should not look down on the idea of looking for temporary employment as a security officer.

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Thursday,September 10, 2015
A career, if you want it.

Security guard jobs will no longer exist when a gopher wins an Academy Award. For Best Director. Security companies have positions constantly available because lawbreaking, and fear of it on all levels, is constant. If you're looking for job security, a security job is a safe bet.

Security jobs are everywhere!

Security companies install their staff in more varied locations than ever before. Banks and retail stores are the usual suspects. A few more positions that a security company must fill are:

Universityschool security. Places of education need security personnel more than ever, often requiring the use of weapon detecting machines.
Professional building lobby. Hospitals and office buildings need armed personnel hired too.
Airports. Decades ago air travel's biggest worry came from pilot error or aircraft defects. Technology's advances have made that the safest part of flying while producing security machinery to detect intentional dangers. That machinery protects us because security people operate it.
Armored truck guard. Always a target for criminals, it's a bank on wheels that needs security guards.
Personal bodyguard. From CEO's to celebrities to politicians, many high-profile people hire protectors.
Security jobs are more than desk jobs.

While a fair amount of stationary duty occurs, it's not just killing time. Requirements could include one or all of the following:

Check all doors and windows of buildings you're guarding on a regular schedule, making sure they're secure.
Keep records or an hourly log of details that management wants to know about.
Receive training for and operate security machinery: metal detectors, x-ray machines, etc.
Initiate the appropriate response to any alarm that goes off. This would include immediate contact with law enforcement and fire departments. You are the first line of defense.
Bad economy or good, security companies are hiring.

Jumping from job to job ends when becoming a security guard. It's an occupation that's here for the duration, with the only jumping occurring when being reassigned to a new location. If you're looking for a stable career investigate security companies!

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Thursday,September 3, 2015
Security guards are officers who have been assigned to protect people and their property. This may include having to detect crimes such as fighting, stealing or burglary. A security guard does not have to detect other crimes such as a vehicle accident or a traffic violation. The main concern of a security guard is to ensure the people are protected and that their property is not damaged or destructed.

Not every security guard is properly trained enough to be hired for a security guard job. Are you able to do the following?


You have to be able to protect the people and the property of the company you have been employed by. You have to know how to prevent incidents and other things; so you have to take action before something actually happens. If there are rarely in offenses at the workplace, you will know you are doing a good job as a security guard,

Notice, And Report

Since you have to prevent incidents from occurring, you will have to know how to report any offenses that you notice. If something does happen on the premises, you do not have to attack. This is what you should do:

Remain calm
Do not overreact
Remember what you saw
Call the police or contact your supervisor about what happened
If the situation is dangerous, you should get help if you will need to apprehend the person.
The roles and responsibilities of a security guard are plentiful, and it is important to be properly trained and well-aware of the surroundings. If you think you are fit to become a security guard, you should take the time to stay alert and updated on job openings in your area.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015
Working in security is not always the most exciting job, but it is an important one. While it depends on where you work, the holidays are a common time for the security industry to become quite hectic. As an individual who wants to work in security or is working part-time, you should take advantage of providing security services during the holidays to gain highly valuable experience.

Longer Hours

With the holidays, you will have more opportunities for working longer hours. Although you may not want to work these types of hours on a consistent basis, learning how to handle these extensive work days can help you build the endurance you need to land exceptional security jobs in the future.


During the holidays, it is not uncommon for thousands of people to be shopping in one area. Since this often leads to multi-tasking by answering questions and guiding shoppers in the right direction, you still need to be focused on your primary responsibility, which is protecting the people. The holidays are an ideal time to get accustomed to multi-tasking because you have to in order to perform well at the job.


Along with longer hours and extensive multi-tasking, you will also be working in a more fast-paced environment compared to other parts of the year and most security jobs. It is important to know how to handle this kind of work environment as you do not want to become overly stressed in tense situations.

Although any job experience is useful, you should try to work in security during the holidays for a unique learning experience that will substantially improve your security guard skills.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015
Many people look at security officer jobs as being one of the lower levels of professions, but for a majority of other people it is one of the best jobs that they could possibly have. One of the reasons is because as a security officer, you get to work on yourself and you can find out what you are made of.

As a security officer, you have a job to show up and do what you are asked. You are not responsible for going around looking for the bad people. Yes, you do have to patrol the premises, but you do not have to take on the role of being an actual police officer. Many people have the wrong understanding of security officer jobs; this is why several people avoid these jobs.

However, being informed about security jobs will definitely change people's mindset. Being a security officer can allow you to do your job by the company you are employed by, and you can also work on your own things when you are not on the premises. You can still become the next great inventor or next best businessman while being employed as a security officer.

Being a productive security officer gives you the motivation of being able to do anything you set out to do. Your energy and juices will always be flowing, and this means you will be more excited about life compared to if you were working a job you really do not enjoy going to every single day.

If you are looking for a job that does not put pressure on you, and if you want to have more free time to actually pursue more training, education, or any other dream you may have, you should consider part-time, full-time, seasonal, or temporary security officer jobs.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015
Being an outstanding security guard requires more than just following your job responsibilities. It is necessary to go above and beyond, such as taking advantage of every learning opportunity, or making sure that people feel completely safe and comfortable when they are under your protection.

With such an important job, you want to make sure you are equipped to do your job properly. For instance, you must have the right clothing, especially for nighttime security guard employment.

Appropriate Underclothing

If it gets extremely cold at night, and you know you are working outside, you should make sure to purchase appropriate underclothing to avoid getting excessively cold while on the job. It is not easy to perform your job responsibilities at the maximum potential when you are unable to remain comfortable.

Water-Repellent Jacket

Another way to keep warm is with a water-repellent jacket. Snow comes right off of most clothing, but rain can turn a dry uniform into a soaking one in a matter of minutes. Wearing this type of jacket will prevent most of your clothing from getting wet in the rain, and it will keep you extra warm in the cold.

Slip-Resistant Shoes

As a security guard, you will likely walk across many types of surfaces. It is also common for these professionals to have to jog or run on slippery flooring or while it is raining outside, so investing in high-quality and slip-resistant shoes can prevent accidents from happening on the job.

Thick Socks

At nighttime, you want to make sure your feet are warm throughout your entire shift. Thin socks might not provide enough warmth, so you should opt for wearing thick socks instead. However, do not hesitate to invest in breathable socks, which provide top-notch comfort during long security guard shifts.

Focusing on every detail regarding security guard employment will help you be a great employee.

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Thursday, August 06, 2015
When compared to other jobs, security guards can have fairly irregular schedules. Unfortunately, this can prove difficult for people to adjust accordingly, but it is possible to do so by following the right methods.

If you are interested in working security guard jobs and want to know how to handle such a schedule, you should begin preparing for having this kind of job by implementing the tips below.

Invest in a Light Box

When you work at night and sleep in the day, you may not get enough sunlight in a day. It is important to invest in a light box, which will give you the light you need for your body to be healthy and functional.

Reduce the Commute

If you can, you should try to reduce your commute to work. Since it is generally challenging to adjust to an awkward sleep schedule with an irregular schedule, you want to reduce your time related to work.

Moving closer to a long-term job or finding a job close by are two ideal solutions.

Consume Caffeine Strategically

Although you might think that caffeine is effective throughout the entire day and night, caffeine provides substantial benefits at certain parts of the day compared to other times. It is ideal to get your caffeine by drinking tea or coffee in the late morning, along with 2 or 5 in the afternoon.

Purchase Blackout Window Treatments

When you struggle to fall asleep in the morning or middle of the day because of the light shining in, you should consider getting blackout window treatments to eliminate the light when you need to.

Following these methods will help you adjust to an irregular work schedule.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
Security guards are often overlooked when we think about professions, but it is a very serious job. There are over 1 million security guards employed in the United States, and although it is not the best paying job, security guards are integral to the protection of the public and property.

This makes hiring a good security guard a very important decision for a business owner. If you are looking for security guard jobs in your area, then you should know that these six qualities that every exceptional security guard will have.


Honesty is a must-have for this job, which entails protection and dealing with potential violence. A business owner needs to be able to trust his/her security team as they will be responsible for the security of buildings, working capital, and sensitive information.


Security guards must always be on the lookout for potential danger. This requires an attention to detail. Security guards must remain vigilant even in down times when things are slow. A security guard must be able to detect even the most subtle of changes in the environment.

Common Sense

While being vigilant is important, so is having common sense. A security guard must employ critical thinking and logic to assess the threat level of situations. A good security guard will not make rash decisions and won't panic in the event of an emergency.


Security guards deal with many people, some of which are pleasant, some of which are unsavory, to say the least. A security guard must be able to shrug off insults and needs to possess a calm demeanor when dealing with panicked children and/or parents. A great security guard knows that violence is always the last resort.

Physical Fitness

Security guards must be physically fit. Security guards need to be physically capable of dealing with disruptive people and might be required to run down thieves or other suspected criminals.


In the event that a situation becomes physical, a security guard must know to apply a reasonable amount of force to stop a perpetrator without causing an excessive amount of harm.

Hiring a security guard is a very important move for a property or business owner. If you are in the market for a security guard job, then contact us today to see how we can help you safeguard your business.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015
Security officer employment is one of the most in demand jobs that are out there. Security officer jobs can also be a dangerous job because of the various needs of the businesses. Sometimes the security officer employment job openings are for high-profile clients.

A private security officer job will have to cover various things, from protecting certain objects to protecting certain high-profile clients. A private security guard will need to meet certain qualifications in order to be hired for the job.


It can depend on the company or client who is looking for a private security guard, but there will be education requirements. What kind of education requirements? Well, that can differ from the business or person looking for a private security guard. It does not matter what industry you want to work in as a security guard, at least a high school diploma, or something equivalent to that, will be required. There may be some companies who will prefer a degree or certificate in law enforcement or criminal justice from an educational institution.


You will find that many jobs will provide training on the job, but when it comes to private security, the training is usually done before someone is hired for a job. Every company and client will have various requirements when it comes to training. Guards have to follow regulations, and these regulations can require guards to have certain types of training for various hours, especially if they do not have any experience in criminal justice or law enforcement.

Regardless of what type of security officer job you are looking for, it is important that you carefully read the job description and fully understand what will be expected of you.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015
While there are some occupations that have minimal competition, which makes it easier for people to get jobs when they possess the right qualifications, the security industry is quite competitive. It is necessary for people to invest a lot of effort into applying for security officer jobs to get employed.

Learning what you can do to improve your chances is the first step to getting hired as a security officer.

Dress Professionally

Many officers dress up in suit-and-tie attire while on the job. With this in mind, you should dress professionally, not just for the interview, but also when going in to turn in a job application. It is crucial to take advantage of every chance to make a positive impression on those that may end up hiring you.

Grooming Services

Although you might be used to doing your own grooming, you should consider getting professional grooming services on the day before an interview to establish a clean-cut look.

Take Your Time

When you are in an interview, whether it is in-person or on the phone, you want to take your time. It is important to be patient when asking and answering questions because a rushed interview is a bad one.

Proper Follow-Up

Once you finish an interview for a potential job, you do not want to leave it up to them to contact you. Writing a sincere letter as follow-up will essentially guarantee a response. While a follow-up can be done on the phone or in an email, letters are usually the best choice. Letters come off as more personal than the other options and they allow the hiring manager to make a decision on their own schedule.

Following the tips above will surely increase your chances of getting employed.

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Thursday,July 09, 2015
Anyone who's been paying attention to the news has likely felt there's an increase in violence. The Charleston, South Carolina church shooting that happened recently is just the latest incident in a long chain of similar events like the Sandy Hook Massacre, the Aurora theater shooting in 2012, and even the Columbine school shooting. It's because of events like this, and the desire for safety from them, that the private security field is going to keep growing well into 2016.

Security Services Are Hiring!

The events of 9/11 sparked huge growth in the private security field, and except for the year 2003 the industry has constantly expanded. According to this source it seems that 2016 will see a 17 percent growth, which means there will be plenty of jobs available for those who want to pursue a career in security.

With that said, not all security jobs are created equal. That's why it's so important for you to apply to as many places as possible in order for you to choose the job that best fits your skills, and your needs.

Security Job Finder Can Help

Security Job Finder is a website that acts like a megaphone for your message. Instead of getting online to research which security companies are in your area, and then applying to each one of them separately, we do all the legwork for you. You simply log on to our website, fill out all of your information, and we will broadcast that message loud and clear to our network of security companies. You save time and effort, and once we've let our network know about you you'll find the job offers and interview requests filling up your inbox and voice mail.

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Thursday,July 02, 2015
If you are thinking about applying for Security Officer jobs, don't forget to take a quick look at your digital footprint first. A number of surveys and studies have shown that employers across many job sectors are taking a hard look at candidates' online activities. Consequently, you won't want any information out there that would give prospective employers the idea that you're not responsible or professional enough to hold a Security Officer position.

Always start by conducting an online search to see where your information pops up. Deactivate accounts that you're no longer interested in keeping and delete as much old information as possible. If you can't delete or deactivate the information yourself, shoot an e-mail to the sites' webmasters and ask them to do it for you.

Unsubscribe from news feeds, newsletters, online shopping sites and other similar services that would cause employers to question your ability to carry out the duties of a Security Officer. Examples include, but are not limited to services that promote unlawful activities or questionable behavior.

While you are at it, make it a habit to clear your browser's history as soon as you are finished socializing online. Of course you could also choose to use private search engines or virtual private networks. It is also a good idea to consider taking advantage of your browser's incognito mode or other anti-tracking software. Doing so will help keep your footprint down to a minimum going forward.

Afterward, make sure that all of your social media accounts are set up to keep select information private. It will cut down on what potential employers may see as well. However, it won't necessarily get rid of tags, likes, comments, friend listings and other activities completed before switching to private mode. Those types of things generally have to be painstaking deleted by hand.

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Thursday,June 25, 2015
Although there are times in which security guards have to think quickly and make tough decisions, most of the time spent as a security guard is preventing bad situations from happening, not resolving them.

Security guard employment is a unique opportunity that is definitely worth taking into consideration.

Employment Is Quite Healthy

Security is always of importance, whether it is retail businesses, residential communities, or sports events that require these services. It is an industry that is growing at a consistent level, so there is no need to worry about the health of your employment, especially if you are a hardworking individual.

A Feel-Good Occupation

While there will be situations that you would rather not be a part of, your role in problematic scenarios is an important one, and you will find that your ability to help others can be quite satisfying at times.

Whether it is preventing a problem, diffusing a bad situation, answering a question, listening to someone, or giving a genuine smile, there are plenty of feel-good scenarios for a security guard to enjoy.

Work Almost Anywhere

If you have aspirations of traveling on a regular basis or you want to live in a specific city, there are so many security-related job opportunities that you can satisfy your goals with patience and determination.

Security is needed everywhere, so you never have to worry about your expertise not being needed.

While being a security guard can certainly be demanding at times, there are very few occupations that provide such steady employment, so many feel-good chances, and such varied job opportunities.

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Thursday,June 18, 2015
While some people might think that security guard jobs are dull and somewhat boring, the reality is that it is all about perspective. Depending on how you look at it and treat the job, it can be extremely satisfying, and this is the kind of outlook you want to have to enjoy your job and impress your superiors.

Do Not Be Afraid to Volunteer

When you put yourself out there, you take a leap that others are not willing to take. Instead of hoping that your work ethic and dedication will open you up to new opportunities, a better approach is to go directly to your superior and volunteer yourself to help in whatever way that you can. If you have a solid track history, there is a good chance that they will take you up on your offer.

Think Outside of the Box

Although there is nothing wrong with thinking inside the box by doing your job in the manner you are expected to, thinking outside the box can be more fulfilling and lead to greater results.

Enjoy Personal Rewards

Constantly pushing yourself and never putting time aside to celebrate can lead to a diminished spirit and lack of motivation, and this is exactly what you want to avoid with security guard jobs. After taking on a large project and seeing it through to completion, you should find time to enjoy a personal reward.

It is essential to do this as you will be more motivated to continue working hard and smart.

Enjoying your job and pleasing your superiors has a lot to do with how you approach each situation.

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Thursday,June 11, 2015
While it might seem like the security industry is an easy one to work in, there are plenty of ways for one security guard to provide higher quality work compared to another security guard. It is the ambitious and determined individuals that will have the greatest chance of advancing in this line of work.

To accomplish this goal when working with security companies, you should focus on knowledge.

Read Security Books and Manuals at Home

When you have free time at home, you should invest in reading security books or manuals. The information that you can acquire from these reading materials often comes from security veterans that are sharing their personal knowledge and expertise, which you can definitely benefit from.

All it takes is learning a few tips and tricks to make a piece of reading material worthwhile.

Stay Updated on Local News

Knowing what is going on locally can have a huge impact on your success as a security guard. It is something that you will have to keep up with regularly, but it will make you a better employee.

Devote Some Time to Logic Games

Although it might not seem like logic games are what you should be doing as a security guard, this profession does require some quick and analytical thinking. Logic games are an excellent way to have enjoyment while also working your brain to be as effective as possible while on the job.

Ask for Help from Experienced Professionals

If you end up working with other, more experienced security professionals, you should put yourself out there and ask for their assistance with becoming a better security guard. Personal experience is invaluable in the security field, and having a professional share their experiences can help you gain their knowledge.

Investing in knowledge is one of the best things you can do as a motivated security guard.

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Thursday,June 4, 2015
Each job or profession has its own pros and cons, including security employment. To have the best job experience, you should learn what benefits you get and what benefits you want from a security job.

Certain job positions come with unique advantages, so this is another detail to consider.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Working in the security industry is a great opportunity because it has so much room for growth. There are numerous pathways that you can take to advance your career, and you can start young, which gives you plenty of time to get the knowledge, education, and experience you need to succeed.

If you want to make a career out of working in security, you should take a look at all of your options to determine how to best invest your time for advancing down your preferred career path.

Flexible Scheduling

Many security jobs have flexible scheduling. For instance, you can still get experience while going to school full-time by taking overnight and weekend shifts on a part-time schedule. Being able to get some kind of experience while you going to college will help to speed up your career advancement progress.

Competitive Wages

On its own, the security industry pays their employees pretty well. However, the fact that there are so many job opportunities out there, you do not have to settle for a wage you are not satisfied with.

Getting a wage you feel that you deserve just takes time, effort, and patience. These qualities are vital because you must invest time and effort into finding the right job, which can require a lot of patience.

Understanding the benefits of security employment can help you appreciate working in this industry.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015
As a security guard, your job can get somewhat lonely at times. However, when you are simply waiting for something to happen, the environment you work in can start to become negative.

With security guard jobs, there is actually plenty that you can do to keep busy, avoid loneliness, and enjoy your job by making your work environment a better place through your own actions.

Establish Relationships

If there are people who you work with, you should try to build relationships with them. Being friendly to everyone you see is the key, and you will also find people who you connect with easily if you try.

Keep Work at Work

When there is a bad day at work, do everything you can to avoid bringing it home. It is important to keep work at work because after you get off work, you deserve to enjoy the rest of the day.

Ideally, time after work should not be negatively affected by work-related problems.

Maintain Cleanliness

An effective way to keep busy, create a better work environment, and feel good about your job is to keep the entire premises clean. Picking up trash as you patrol an area is an easy task, and it is one that can make a huge difference to the appearance of the property while keeping you busy during quiet moments.

Learn from Mistakes

Instead of getting overly upset at the mistakes you make on the job, just work on learning from them. Depending on how you handle your mistakes, making them could turn out to be the most valuable lessons you learn while on the job, only helping you become a better security guard in the long run.

Get in the Habit of Smiling

Since security guards often patrol and watch out for areas where people pass by regularly, you are likely to come across a lot of people while on the job. It is important to smile, even when you are not in the greatest mood, because sometimes all it takes is a smile to brighten another person's day.

If it happens to be an employee, your smile could be what they need to get in a better mood, which can then translate into everyone at work being in a better mood.

Being happy while working as a security guard is a goal worth striving for on a consistent basis.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015
Although there are lull moments as a security guard, there are always opportunities to learn more about your job and improve your ability to perform your duties in an optimal manner.

Instead of waiting for something to happen, you should focus on gaining valuable knowledge in the meantime, which will help you provide the best security services possible.

Know the Entry and Exit Points

When you are providing security for a certain area, building, or space, you should find out where the entry and exit points are and memorize them. When you need to work quickly due to an emergency, you do not want your lack of knowledge to get in the way of being a reliable security guard.

Knowing the entry and exit points can help you prioritize patrolling in certain areas that you have established as high-risk in comparison to other areas that are not as likely to be targeted.

Know the Building or Area

Along with the entry and exit points, you should know about the building or area in general. For instance, if you are providing protection for a department store, you should know where the most valuable items are located to make sure you protect those areas more than other not-so-valuable areas.

Each security guard job is unique in what you can learn, but the main point is to gather as much knowledge as you can that will help you perform your job better than you could without the knowledge.

Learn People's Names and Personalities

If you are providing security for people, such as the employees of a business, you should get to know their names and personalities. In the case that you need to direct these individuals to a safe place, you can call them all by name and know exactly how certain people will act in these situations.

Working as a security guard might not seem that challenging, but being the best security guard and providing superb security services requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication on your part.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015
Working in the security field is a smart choice for those interested in security, mainly because it is a healthy industry that provides a multitude of flexible job opportunities. Whether you are just trying to get experience to move further along the career path, or you want to find an ideal job, you will greatly improve your chances of security guard employment by prioritizing physical fitness in your life.

Be Able to Take Control of a Situation

If you are not physically strong, you will struggle to take control of a situation when you need to. A well-fit individual is a lot more intimidating to those causing trouble than an out-of-shape security guard.

Stay Focused for Longer Shifts

When you are not in shape, you will naturally find it more challenging to stay focused on long shifts. Whether your legs get tired and you start getting agitated because you want to sit down or you begin to lose focus as a whole, being physically fit provides both mental and physical benefits.

Perform Your Job Optimally

The most important thing about physical fitness is that you should be able to perform your job optimally. It is essential to not let your physical shape to get in the way of performing your job’s responsibilities.

Whether you decide to start walking, running, going to the gym, or working out at home, finding a routine that improves your fitness will help you perform your job as a security guard.

In regard to getting hired, being physically fit is a quality that employers keep in mind.

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Thursday,May 07, 2015
Getting a job as a security officer is a solid choice for those who want job security, no pun intended. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the security field is only going to keep growing, and even with the huge advances made in technology there's just no substitute for thinking, feeling human beings keeping people and places safe.

There's a difference between finding a security officer job and finding a good security officer job, though, and that difference is often how wide of a search net you cast.

Finding Security Officer Employment With Security Job Finder

Finding a security officer job on your own isn't easy. It requires using the Internet to figure out which companies are operating in your area, contacting each company separately, filling out an individual application for each company, and spending a lot of time doing all of the heavy lifting required to apply for work.

Or you could contact Security Job Finder and let them take care of the details for you.

How Does Security Job Finder Work?

Security Job Finder is a system that takes your voice and amplifies it. Rather than just talking to companies as an individual you're using a megaphone to get the attention of a much bigger audience.

Metaphors aside, here's how it works. You log on to Security Job Finder, and fill out one document. Once we have your information we boost your signal so that all of the security companies we work with in your area know who you are, what skills you bring to the table, and that you're looking to be a part of their teams. It saves you time, helps you find better jobs, and most importantly it means you're not overlooking any opportunities you would otherwise have missed trying to conduct your job search on your own.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015
When working as a security guard, you can assume that your main responsibility will be to provide security, but there are many forms of security that you may be expected to provide. Understanding what duties you might perform in this profession can help you succeed when supplying security services.

Medical Assistance

In some cases, you may have the training that allows you to perform minor medical assistance to an individual that gets injured under your watch. However, for the most part, you will be reliant on getting medical assistance as quickly as possible to take care of whatever the medical problem may be.

Safety Concerns

As a security guard, you may also be asked to look out for safety hazards. In this case, your duties can prevent an employee, customer, or someone passing by from getting injured because of a safety hazard.

Fire Watch

Along with your other duties, you need to provide protection against fires. For instance, you need to make sure all fire alarms are in working condition and that you know where the fire exits are for evacuations.

Access Control

An essential part of your job may be to monitor an access control system. Keeping trespassers from getting into areas where they are not authorized access to can usually be accomplished with careful monitoring.

Potential Crime

As a security guard, you naturally are effective at preventing crime from happening. However, if you are able to patrol a certain area, you should take action to best deter criminal activity.

Knowing what to expect as a security guard can make you that much better at your job.

Security Job Finder Badge
Thursday, April 23, 2015
The security industry is quite popular and consistently growing, which also means there is more competition for jobs. As an aspiring security guard, you need to find a way to excel at your job, which will provide you with more job opportunities and make you a valuable asset to any security team.

Taking your job seriously and really learning from security guard jobs can help you excel, but there are also several ways to prepare to get an edge before you start working.

Find a Good Sleep and Wake Routine

One of the most important qualities of being a good security guard is being focused and attentive. If you are constantly drowsy and unable to stay focused, you will struggle to be a great security guard.

It is important to find a reliable routine for sleeping and staying awake. Whether you exercise, drink coffee, eat a healthy protein-filled diet, or simply get a lot of sleep before going to work, you need to find exactly what works for you to make sure you are able to perform your job responsibilities every day.

Buy High-Quality Shoes

Since security guards are on their feet for a number of hours per day, you need to be prepared with work shoes that are designed to provide long-lasting comfort and to be worn for long hours.

Getting low-quality shoes can lead to health problems and make your job very uncomfortable. It is worth investing the money to buy shoes that will have you looking forward to comfortable feet on the job.

Exercise Regularly

A security guard needs to have a considerable amount of stamina to stay energized from the moment they start working until the end of their shift. Exercising regularly can help you sustain the energy you need to make it through an entire workday without getting tired.

Oftentimes, all it takes is proper preparation to get you ready for a demanding job.

Security Job Finder Badge
Thursday, April 16, 2015
Landing a job has a lot to do with how you handle the application process, mainly because it is the first step that leads to communication with the employer for an interview. If you fail the application part, you will no longer be considered for the position, so you want to do the application properly.

Avoiding mistakes will increase your chances of a positive outcome for security guard employment.

Not Informing Your References

When you put down certain references on your application, these individuals should know that you are using them as a reference, or they could end up with an unexpected phone call.

Simply letting a person know that you want to use them as a reference can get them to think about exactly what to say if and when an employer calls them, as opposed to coming up blank.

Not Cleaning Up Social Media

Depending on what you can find on your social media pages, you may or may not ruin your chances of getting a job, especially in the security industry, where professionalism is of utmost importance.

Making sure your social media profiles are at least semi-professional will prevent your social media from being a reason that an employer decides not to consider you for the position you applied for.

Not Double or Triple-checking

Filling out an application can take a long time, and understandably so, when you expect an employer to hire you for a position that is responsible for keeping the peace. It is important to understand the importance of these applications, and to double-check or even triple-check the application to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, and that there are no missing fields.

Avoiding mistakes and taking each application serious will help you get employed.

Security Job Finder Badge
Thursday, April 9, 2015
While communicating on the job is slightly different from communicating at home or amongst friends, you can still use your daily life as an opportunity to improve your communication skills.

If you want to maximize your chances of landing security guard jobs, you need to have top-notch communication, especially because it is a quality that employers can spot out in an interview.

Learn to Avoid Distractions

Whether you are used to checking your phone every few minutes or you let your mind start wandering after talking with someone for a short while, you should focus on stopping these habits.

Focus on Body Language

As a security guard, you want to be stern to those that may be breaking the rules, but also kind and understanding to those that may feel in danger and are seeking your help.

Working on positive body language will help you communicate with people while on the job, along with helping you communicate in a positive manner when talking to your boss or colleagues.

Practice Listening

In order to properly respond to the requests you receive, you need to be able to listen. Listening is one of the most important qualities of being a security guard because you will naturally need to rely on what other people tell you to respond to a situation in the best manner possible.

Consider Multiple Viewpoints

As a security guard, you need to be able to take other people's viewpoints into consideration to ensure your reaction to a situation does not cause further problems. For instance, a person may come to you for help, and you need to understand their viewpoint on the situation to make them feel comfortable.

While there are other details regarding communication skills that are important, the list above should give you some goals to work towards that will help you in landing security guard jobs.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015
Working in the private security field isn't easy. While the industry is at some of its all-time highs, and is constantly looking for qualified professionals, that doesn't mean you can just walk in and expect to be hired on the spot. You still have to find out which companies are in your area, you have to fill out an application for a position, and then you have to go through the interview process.

So why make all of that any harder on yourself than it has to be?

Security Job Finder Will Hook You Up With Local Security Companies

Security Job Finder is a service that lets you use the power of the Internet to apply to more jobs more quickly. Rather than filling out applications for every, individual company you simply log on and give us all of your details. Once you have your information on file you simply tell us what area you're looking for find a position in, and we'll start looking on your behalf. We'll then contact security companies who are hiring and put them in touch with you.

So you do the work to fill out one form, and we deliver that information to everyone who's looking for private security personnel in your area. There's no driving around to locate home offices or searching endlessly through web pages or digging through classifieds; you put together your information, and we'll act as your go-between with companies near you. Quick, easy, and it will let you get the maximum results with the least amount of sweat.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015
Working in the security industry is very rewarding because it revolves around protecting people, even if your job is responding to security-related phone calls. However, security guard and security officer positions often have you in the field, working long nights and keeping the peace.

If you are interested in making some more money with security employment, there are several ways you can go about accomplishing this goal, and incorporating all of them will help you achieve it faster.

Gain More Experience

While you cannot rush experience, there is no denying that experience helps. It does not always have to be security-related either, and this is because military experience is greatly beneficial as well. If you have experience with public relations, you will benefit from this too as knowing how to communicate with people, especially in emergency situations can make a huge difference on a situation’s outcome.

In-Depth Training

Getting the basic training that you need to be a security guard may be enough for that particular position, but earning more money means providing something that a standard security guard does not provide.

Specialized training will help you gain the knowledge, skills, and certifications to hold additional security-related equipment to land security jobs with greater responsibility.

Determine Your Path

It is vital to determine the path that you want to take with security employment, and this is because there are several options such as security guard and officer, as well as management with supervisor positions.

Follow the Path with Focus

If you are interested in the management career path, you should look into supervisor and management training that will give you the credentials you need to start working in this line of work. Gaining experience in a management position will help you land higher paying jobs in the future.

For the security guard route, you want to focus on gaining experience, getting certified to become an armed guard, and finding an ideal position with a company that pays well with room for growth.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015
Do you wish you could have a job catching the bad guys? If you do, then you may be interested in knowing that you can catch shoplifters, people who like to start trouble, and anyone else who needs to be removed from a location. No, you do not have to be a policy officer to do this.

There are various security officer jobs open in businesses, hospitals, schools, banks, department stores, and any other place that does not want any illegal activity and disturbances on their premises. You could be sitting in front of TV screens and monitors all day making sure no suspicious activity is going.

On the other hand, you could be the security officer who will stand in front of a door and checking people as they enter. As a security officer, you will need to know rules and the law, and you will also need to know how you should enforce the rules of the company you will work for.

Many companies want a security officer who can work around the clock. If you are looking for a job to do part-time, this kind of job will be right for you. There will also be room to advance, especially if you receive additional training. If you have any kind of certifications, you will likely see yourself being promoted faster than someone who many not have those certifications.

If you take the time to learn about the law and the rules, you may have an easier time becoming a manager or even having your own business. Since the safety of employees and customers is becoming increasingly important, the chances of more security jobs being available are extremely high. If you want one of those security jobs, you should go out there and get it.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015
Simply applying for a security guard job is not enough to get hired, you need to provide something that other applicants cannot or do not possess. While there are factors like training and experience that come into play when an individual decides who to hire for security guard employment, another determining factor is the personality of a potential security guard as possessing the right qualities is essential.

Adaptive Thinking

In order to be a great security guard, you need to be a quick and adaptive thinker. While you may receive plenty of training and even have a lot of experience, you may face situations that no training can prepare you for, and this is when adaptive thinking becomes so important to make the best decision.


Although your job may be to provide protection, there is a lot of communication in your job as you can expect to speak with your client, people who work with your client, and people in general. Since your job is to provide security for these individuals, you need to know how to pay attention to a conversation while also keeping an eye out for anything suspicious as that is your main priority.


When there is an emergency, the ability to trust someone to make tough decisions or to take on a major responsibility can make an employer or client feel very relieved, and this is exactly what a security guard should be able to provide. Honesty is so important for these reasons, but it is also crucial because an employer should not have to worry about confidential information getting leaked.

While landing a security guard job depends on several factors, working on the above qualities will give you the best chance of landing security guard employment as long as you are persistent and determined.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015
Security guards are consistently in demand for one-time events, short-term contracts, and long-term jobs, making it a reliable industry to delve time and effort in as you have a few work paths to choose from.

In order to land security guard jobs that fit exactly what you want and need, you should focus on increasing your knowledge and experience with security-related jobs whenever possible. After some time, you will have a wider selection of jobs to choose from as your experience will make you a priority over others.

Get In the System

To get your name out there to land new and promising jobs, you need to get into the system. For instance, some companies work to provide security guards to those in need of security personnel. It is these companies that will help you find work, even when you are busy working already.

Continue to Gain Experience

As you gain more experience and in different security-related scenarios, your value to a security team will continue to grow, and this will give you an enormous say in where you want to go and work.

Pick Jobs that Fit Your Wants and Needs

It is important to understand that working tough jobs with long hours and in non-ideal locations is worthwhile because it will provide you with what you need to stand out from other security guards.

Thinking about the long-term is crucial as it is what will ensure you have a bright future in the security industry, regardless of what direction you choose to take for a career.

If you have any intention of moving from your current residence, you will find that getting in a security job system that makes it easy to apply to jobs in other cities is a great opportunity to live and work elsewhere.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015
If you’re in the retail sector, then you would probably agree that shopping carts are among your most prized tangible assets. As you might know, shopping carts are supplied to customers for convenience purposes. This is because they allow them to collect and transport items throughout the store, and to the cashier once they’re ready to check out. After completing the transaction, customers take the cart to the store’s parking lot where they unload their items into their vehicle. Yet, certain customers with malicious intentions sometimes attempt to steal carts. This article explains how security services can help minimize shopping carts theft in your business.

What are the costs of shopping carts theft?

These include but aren’t limited to:

Repair costs
Retrieval costs
Replacement costs
The level of repair costs is usually based on the severity of the damages inflicted on the shopping carts. For instance if a cart can no longer roll properly because its wheels are stuck, then it’ll need to be repaired. If the damage is too extensive, then you’ll be recommended to buy a new one.

Replacing shopping carts can also be quite expensive depending on frequency. Indeed, purchasing new carts may easily amount to several thousands of dollars each year, which means lower profits for your business.

Finally, retrieval costs are based on the magnitude of the nuisance caused to the local community in which your store is. As you might know, carts that need to be retrieved are those that customers purposely took to their home or a nearby bus stop.

Fighting shopping carts theft with security guards

Hiring security guards to monitor your store and parking lot will considerably reduce any form of illegal activities, whether it be shopping carts theft or shoplifting. However, those professionals are more effective when used in pair. For instance, as a retail entrepreneur, you should ensure that one security guard is monitoring the activity inside your store, and the other the activity on the parking lot. Having at least two of those professionals is important, especially when there are many customers and distractions around the store.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015
A lot of things happened as a result of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, but one of the biggest changes in the economy was a boom in security employment. Security companies hired a great number of guards through 2002, and except for a small lag in 2003 hiring has been on a steady uptick according to this source. In fact according to the Department of Labor it seems that security jobs will rise an estimated 17 percent by the year 2016. That means more companies, more guards, and more private security all throughout the United States. This includes everything from retail security to government contractors, and everything in between.

Getting Into The Game

With all of these increases in the private security sector it would stand to reason that getting a new job in the field would be easy. Even though the field is growing though that doesn't mean it isn't competitive. Individuals who want to get jobs, whether as security guards, alarm installers, shift managers, or guard trainers, need to have an edge over their competition. Education and certifications are good, and experience in the industry is even better, but many times it's how you go about getting a job that lands you a position just as surely as how qualified you are.

That's where Security Job Finder comes in.

What Does Security Job Finder Do?

Security Job Finder is a service that lets you apply to multiple jobs with the single click of a mouse. You upload your resume, cover letter, and all other necessities, and then we help you connect with the employers who need people just like you. So rather than combing through help wanted ads, filling out dozens of individual applications, and checking back with potential employers for weeks all you have to do is submit a single application to Security Job Finder. The rest of the leg work, from connecting you with employers who are actively looking for what you have to offer to checking for updates is all taken care of by us.

You can get results putting in individual applications on your own, but you can get more results if you use us to magnify your efforts. Don't get left out of a growing market because you didn't use the right tool for the right job!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015
Did you make a resolution of finding a better job or improving your life? If you are looking for a fresh start or another job that will help supplement the life you want to live? If any of the above questions apply to you, security officer employment could be right for you. However, you should know that you will need to have a certain level of training when you wish to move up in the security employment ladder.

One of the good things about this kind of career is that there are plenty of resources available to help. You do not have to go through the steps of becoming a security officer on your own.

Customer Service

Employers who are looking for security officers want people who have exceptional customer service skills. As part of the security officer job, you will have to deal with people on a daily basis. Many customers and employees will come to you because they have questions, they need assistance, or they want you to help them solve a problem.


When you apply for a security officer job, you will want to make notice of any kind of customer service training or experience you have. When you make it to the interview, you will want to be friendly to the person who is giving the interview. You will want to showcase all of your skills that you have listed on your application.


Depending on what state you wish to work in, you will need to have a certain amount of training hours before you will be considered for a security officer position. Other states want you to complete certain types of paperwork, have certification, and have your fingerprint scanned. Make sure you are fully aware of all of the requirements from your state.

With any kind of job you wish to have, you should walk into this process with confidence. If your confidence and willingness to work is showcased, you will make a wonderful impression that can stand out from the other applicants.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015
Although a large portion of what a security officer does is provide security and protection, there are many other responsibilities that these individuals have, such as helping others in need. Oftentimes, people have questions about an event, the local area, a business location, or the closest hospital. Being able to provide this information makes you an even better security officer, and it also makes it more rewarding.

Looking into security officer jobs is worthwhile for many reasons including income, experience, and especially when you are only looking for work in the security industry.

Benefit from Industry Experience

With so many jobs that you can find in the security industry, getting experience as a security officer is an ideal gateway into many other jobs that are only looking for those with industry experience.

Make Money Helping Others

If you are one that enjoys helping others, then you may find being a security officer the perfect job. It is a job that provides you with the ability to help others in a variety of ways, and you can always utilize the knowledge you gain from personal experience to guide people in the right direction. For instance, you may know a lot about the local area of where you are working, which allows you to give various recommendations for where may be the best place to eat, stay, or visit for an enjoyable experience.

Find Your Ideal Profession

Some individuals know exactly what they want to do in life, and this may include a career that requires job experience in the security industry, in which a security officer job can provide. Others may know that they want to work in the industry of security, but do not know what they want to do, and a security officer job provides income and experience until they find out the answer.

In some cases, an individual may decide that they really enjoy being a security officer and choose to continue working along the same path to make it their career path.

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Thursday, January 30, 2015
Depending on the type of job a person is trying to land, there are various qualities that can make or break the difference between a potentially great employee and a mediocre one. When applying for security guard jobs, you need to understand the qualities that employers are looking for in a security guard.

Following a few simple tips and going into the application and interview process with plenty of preparation work and knowledge will increase your chances of getting hired.

Use Proper References

References can make a huge difference, so make sure to use them wisely. All it takes is one poor reference to seal the deal and have a potential employer begin looking elsewhere for a future employee. It is ideal for references to be your managers or bosses from the past that think highly of you.

Show Confidence

Employers do not want unsure employees, they want people who know what to do, how to do it, and in a manner that leaves their company with a good impression. It is vital to display confidence through your knowledge, experience, and personality, but you must know the line where it becomes overconfidence.

Be a Customer Service Pro

Whether you are working with customers, clients, a person that may be causing trouble, or someone who is looking for assistance from a nearby security guard, your customer service skills must be top-notch.

While it is your duty to provide security, you also need to know how to handle various conversations, and you can do this by displaying versatility in interviews and any meetings with a potential employer.

Landing a job is not as simple as putting in an application and meeting the qualifications, you need to go above and beyond, and as a result, you will eventually be rewarded for your efforts with a great job.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015
Ensuring the safety of your customers, assets, and property is probably one of the most important duties of your daily work life. Your customers and assets are part of the things that you have earned as a result of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. For these reasons, and many more, you probably can not bear having your property burglarized or your customers being put in front of harm's way.

Employing a security guard or security services will help alleviate any of those burdens you may have. These tasks will now be handed over to someone who is more equipped and competent to handle any tough situations that you may face. When you hire a security service, you will have people who can patrol and monitor all areas of your property.

When you have multiple security guards, you can assign different areas of the premises to them. A security guard can handle disputes, disagreements, and can properly settle any kind of conflict that may arise. Conflicts and arguments will tend to be settled quicker when a security guard is present because those causing the disturbance will recognize that someone more powerful than them is stepping into the situation.

When your security guards are carefully paying attention, they can recognize a situation that could be a potential threat to your customers or your property. They will handle the situation before it gets out of hand, and before anyone else recognizes what is going on. The security guards will also have the duty of patrolling and monitoring who is coming in and who is going out. If someone looks as if he or she is up to something, the security guard can restrain that person and not let him or her enter the building. This will help avoid any kind of unfortunate and unpleasant situation.

If you can go to work and customers can enter your building without any interruptions or unfortunate incidents, everyone will be happy. To ensure that you minimize the chances of anything terrible occurring at your business, hire security services that will have well-trained security guards.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015
For many businesses, the quality of security they have does not really come into consideration until after a crime has occurred on their premises. When something unfortunate happens, you get into a panic trying to find an alternative security solution that is better for your business. You have probably already set your resolutions for the new year, but you can add additional resolutions, such as implementing the best security methods possible.

Security Guards

You should consider increasing the number of security guards you employ. If you have any kind of business(small, medium, or large), you should consider protecting different departments and floors in your business. Regardless of the size of your business, the number of employees you have, and the traffic flow you see everyday, providing optimum security should always be a top priority.

Protecting Clients And Customers

Security is not just important in terms of protecting your assets and property, but it is also important when it comes to your clients and customers. Customers want to know that they will be protected when they walk through your doors. You do not want a customer being robbed or hurt at your place of business because you did not have the proper security. When it comes to your insurance, a great way to reduce your insurance premiums is security.

It does not matter if your business is in an area that has a high crime rate or a low crime rate. When you have effective and efficient security guards employed at your business, there will be a lower risk of robberies, assaults, and other crimes. You do not want to leave your business vulnerable to crime, and you do not want to lose customers because your business is not protected. If you do not have security guards working at your place of business, you should definitely consider employing security guards so you can have a safe and productive new year.

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Thursday, January 08, 2015
The industry that security companies are in has been changing significantly over the years, and there is no sign of it stopping or slowing down. When your security company wants to remain in the competition, it should not back away from change, it should embrace the wonderful changes.

If we never accepted change or embraced the change, we would probably still be typing our reports on an old typewriter. Now, we don't have to worry about retyping a report or pulling out tubes of liquid paper. We can now type a report on our computers, and send it to the intended person without waiting a few days for them to receive it.

As the business world continues to change, the needs of your customers will also change. When you find ways to make your security guard company better, you will give yourself space between your biggest competitors. If change is so wonderful, why do people refuse change or why is it so hard for them to make changes?


Communication is always the key when you want change to occur. It is important to keep all of your security employees active and engaged in their job. Make sure that all of your guards or officers are aware of the changes and how it may affect their jobs and duties. When everyone is informed, they will all feel included and this will make them want to do their job better.

How To Maintain Change In Your Security Company?

It will take some time for change to occur within your security company. You may not have the necessary amount of resources because you may not have the proper finances or the right amount of employees. When you have security guards and other employees, they may not adapt to your changes as fast as you want them to so you will need to be patient.

Change can certainly be a bit scary for your company and your employees, but with a good plan you will be able to turn things around for the better.

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Thursday,January 1, 2015
There are two main types of security services:

- Unarmed security

- Armed security

The difference between the two is quite intuitive as the latter involves the carrying of guns, while the first doesn\'t. When it comes to armed security, bodyguards immediately come to mind. These professionals specialize in the protection of individuals, assets, and property on a temporary or permanent basis. In this article, we\'ll discuss how your business can benefit from armed security services.

Why is armed security recommended for your business?

Nowadays, business entities are arguably among the top users of security services. Indeed, security guards are featured in large corporations, but also in smaller business structures such as retail stores. Their presence is directly linked with the risks that are associated with commercial activities since merchants may at any time be victims of a burglary attempt. By recruiting an armed security officer, you\'ll decrease the probability of occurrence of such events on your business.

Implications of private security and business insurance

Armed security will give your business more than protection. Indeed, another benefit will be the possibility to negotiate lower insurance premiums with your business insurer. As you might know, your commercial insurance premiums are calculated based on the risks that are related to your business operations.

In other words, the riskier your activity, the higher the premiums that you\'ll be required to pay. Yet, insurers are often willing to charge less to policyholders who have taken concrete steps to mitigate their risks. Using the services of an armed security agent will thus drop your insurance costs.

There is nothing better than being able to do business in a safe environment. This is not only important for you as a business owner, but also for your clients. For example, imagine just how bad it would be for the reputation of your retail store if it were to be attacked by burglars. Clients would understandably think twice before shopping there again by fear of experiencing another burglary event.

If you\'re genuinely concerned about the safety of both your business and clientele, then contact us today and we\'ll help you find a qualified security agent.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014
If you are looking for a solid job that requires a high school diploma or GED, and an opportunity to help others, then perhaps a security guard job is for you. The job a security guard will actually do on a shift at work can be varied. Some guards may be expected to conducting surveillance at casinos or other gaming venues, protect property and merchandise against vandalism and theft in stores and shops, and preventing others from conducting illegal activity wherever they are employed. Some guards may work inside year round, and others may be expected to spend time working outside. In 2012 there were more than one million people who were considered security guards, and through 2022 there will be at least a 12% increase in these positions (Bureau of Labor and Statistics).

Security Guard Jobs
can be found almost anywhere and everywhere. Visit a public/government building and there will be security guards present. Sometimes these guards are mostly visible to deter problems, and sometimes security guards at a public building will be expected to check credentials and identification.

Retail stores employ security guards to help keep peace and to prevent theft. Casinos and racetracks hire security guards to prevent people from stealing or cheating the games of chance. Sometimes casino and racetrack guards use audio and video equipment to monitor people and ensure overall safety and control. Often guards are expected to be seen in the public and to interact with the public to serve as a deterrent to problems, as well as to notice members of the public who may be acting suspiciously. At times security guards must work closely with police officers.

Most security guards are trained on the job about the specifics they must concern themselves with about working at a specific location. If a guard is expected to be armed, most states will require the security guard to have special training and certification. Sometimes the individual will have to pay for their own training, and sometimes the organization will be willing to pay. In most circumstances a security guard would be required to pay for their own gun.

The average salary for a security guard in 2012 was just over $24,000 a year or about $12 an hour. In some situations, security guards may remain on duty for extended shifts, even 24 hour shifts with extended period time off of work. Generally, school safety guards make more money than most other security guards.

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Thursday,December 18, 2014
With growing job opportunities in the full time and part time areas, it is never been easier to find security officer jobs in your area. Security Job Finder makes it a simple task to find the open security officer job that fits exactly what he or she is looking for.


To become a security officer, there are a few requirements that one must meet in order to be eligible for a security officer position. Here are a few of the requirements:

Be at least 18 years of age
Pass a background check
Pass all of the physical requirements and training


You do not need to have a college degree in order to become a security officer. However, you can increase your chances of finding an available position if you do have a post-secondary education. Some employers do prefer to hire a security officer applicant who has a degree in a field that has to do security or criminal justice. Also, potential security officers can have a certificate from training or from a community college or other school that helped them gain experience in the field.


Not every employer requires a prospective applicant to have work experience. It depends on the employer. Many applicants have been hired without having any type of training or job experience in security. In some states, training is required by law. Many states have laws that allow companies to have unarmed security officers while they are undergoing some type of training. Not all states allow this, some states want the security officer to have the training completed before being hired. Experience or lack thereof is dependent on the employer, but many unarmed security officer positions will not require that someone has experience.

If you or someone you know is searching for a security officer job in your area, but you do not know where to look, visit our website at Security Job Finder to find open positions in your area.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014
There are a variety of different security guards working in various industries, such as schools, hospitals, corporate, and other industries. Each security guard is different, and they all have different tasks and functions to handle. Companies can find security guards with various skills and experiences.

When a company searches different security services in order to find a security guard, that company will want to have someone who is qualified and trustworthy. No business wants to deal with violence, theft, and other crimes occurring in their office or anywhere on their premises. Some businesses, such as small stores, gas stations, and banks will typically see more thefts than others because people see that place of business as an easy target.

Business owners want someone who can give them peace of mind, from the time they open their doors until the time they close it. A security guard can provide that business with that peace. The owner of the business will not have to constantly walk around the building or watch video footage worrying about security problems.

When a customer enters your business and sees a security guard sitting there or standing there, it gives them the impression that your business cares about their well-being. When your business takes the time to look for a security guard, customers will feel like they can trust your business.

Sometimes a business will think that having video cameras or access keys will keep the crime out of their business. However, a security guard can do things that security cameras and access keys can not do. When many criminals see the sight of a security officer, that is generally enough to turn them around because they do not want to face the security guard. Sometimes a camera does not catch everything, but a security guard can see plenty of things that cameras can not catch. A security guard can walk around different areas in the building.

Whenever a company looks to hire a security guard, they typically post job openings in order to get the word out. They look for security guards that will fit their needs. Security Job Finder makes it easy for job seekers to find the security job that interests them. Security Job Finder wants to match the right security guard with the right company.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014
The holidays are approaching, and you might be considering taking on a second job as a way to earn extra money for various reasons. If you have experience as a police officer, or working in the security field, you might be interesting in picking up a few hours as a security guard. Many companies also offer training for those who do not have prior experience.

Most businesses look to increase their security for the holidays, and this is the perfect time to get the job that you desire. Whether you are looking for something long or short-term, the time is now to put in your job application. Now, you can choose the job that you love to do without having to go location to location filling out applications. For many of people this can put a financial strain on their finances. Many people, especially during the holidays do not have extra money to put in the gas tank to travel from business to business.

The process for applying for security jobs has come a long way. Now, if you are interested in a security guard position you can conveniently apply for a job from the convenience of your home at any time. Security Jobfinder make searching for a job you are best qualified, quick and easy. Once you find the job of your choice you just submit your application and wait to find out if you are the best candidate for employment.

No one wants to spend the holidays broke and unable to purchase the items that they want or need. Apply early for the job you want, and you just might have your first paycheck in time to get in on the holiday sales. To find out more on apply for security guard jobs for the holidays visit us.

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Thursday, November 27,2014
The hustle and of the upcoming holiday season will come with tons of excitement. On the other hand, it will also come with some unfortunate things, such as more opportunities for individuals to steal things from businesses and stores. During these times, it is highly important to not make things simple and easy for the criminals.

During these holidays, security employment is sure to be on the rise because holiday shopping days can be extremely hectic. Office workplaces, shopping malls, stores, and other businesses will look to bulk up their security personnel. The businesses who tend to have a high amount of shopping traffic will especially advertise security job openings to ensure their employees and customers will remain safe throughout their shopping trips. When many criminals see extra security, they will tend to avoid going into that particular business.

Things get a little crazy; parents will accidentally leave their bags down and women will leave their purses down. Although security officers will be around to patrol the areas, the people who are shopping also have to take a proactive approach to the situation.

All shoppers have to be completely aware of where they are. When people are shopping in a mall or other store, they should lock their vehicles and remove valuable things that are in plain sight. Even if someone does not plan on being in the store for a significant amount of time, it is still a wise choice to lock your vehicles and cover or hide your possessions.

Security Job Finder is an easy way to find what companies are looking to increase their security, not only for the holidays, but for a variety of other reasons. If you are searching for security employment, find out how Security Job Finder can help.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014
Private security has been a growth industry in the United States for years. Whether it's the increased number of burglar alarms that both homes and businesses have installed, or the number of security guards hired both by civilians and contracted by the government it's clear that security is a field that's only going to keep growing.

Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics agrees that security officer employment is set to go up from where it is in the near future.

What The BLS Had To Say

According to these findings the BLS says that security guard jobs are likely to go up. From 2012 to 2020 the field is estimated to grow about 12 percent, with estimated good outlook for all employees in the field. While the BLS didn't say it though, it should be assumed that those who have previous security training and experience will find it easier to find better paying jobs in the field.

For those who are serious about getting these jobs though, it's important to use the proper tools to apply.

That's Where Security Job Finder Comes In

Security Job Finder, for those who've never used it, is a website that helps connect those looking for security work with companies in their areas who need personnel. Not only that but once you fill out a single form on the site it will broadcast your signal to all of the security companies in your area with the push of a single button. There's no need to apply to every company individually, taking weeks and even months when you can get your name in all of the hiring managers' inboxes in a single day.

In addition to getting your name and qualifications out to as many hiring companies as quickly as possible, this service also allows you to step right past the usual resume submission walls. After all if a security company uses Security Job Finder then it's going to pay close attention to the candidates the service puts forward. So why wait one more day if you don't have to? Log on to Security Job Finder today and see what it can do for your career.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014
A business, large, medium, or small, all face the reality that a crime or disruption can take place on inside their business or outside their business. Certain businesses may be more at risk for crimes than others, such as gas stations and financial institutions. Regardless of the business type, an outstanding number of businesses make the decision to contact security companies ore hire security guards directly.

No matter where or how the security guard or security officer is hired from, businesses want to use any useful method that will prevent any type of criminal activity from occurring on their property. Businesses also want security guards to not only prevent criminal activity, but they also want someone to maintain security across the entire business premise, both inside and outside. Business owners also want the guards to assist anyone in any way that will help them.

When businesses want to hire security guards, it can sometimes be difficult to get the word out and market an open job. Sometimes job seekers do not know the best website to look or they are not sure on the information they should enter when using job search websites.

Security Job Finder makes it easy for job seekers to find what business is in need of a security officer/guard. Those who are looking for a security guard job can search for job openings in their location, or another location they plan to relocate to for work. It is always easier for some people to have all of the required information directly in front of them. It can be difficult to search through pages full of different job openings when you are only looking for a certain type of job.

You may be surprised by how many businesses are seeking security guards that can not only help their business, but the employees and the customers who make the business successful.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014
When it comes to protecting their property and possessions, companies hire a security guard or security officer to protect their belongings. Hiring a security guard is a major step, but there is so much more that will need to be considered. Hiring any security officer is simply not enough to get the job done. Since companies need someone to protect their building and their property, they need someone who knows everything there is to know about being a security officer.

Since so many individuals and companies are turning towards security firms, there is an increase in the number of security officer jobs available. Security Job Finder is the number one source for finding a security officer job in your area. Sometimes just knowing that a security guard is in the area can be enough to make a thief think twice about attempting to break into a building. A security officer has the responsibility to keep the area safe, and do whatever is necessary to deter a thief or anyone who wishes to start trouble.

Security jobs have to be cool and calm throughout the entire work shift. A security officer will go through different teachings and training sessions in order to know what it takes to be rational and reasonable while working. Finding the right security officer can be a long process for some companies because they want someone who can get the job done.

When you find the job you want to apply for, you will then wait patiently and hope you care called for an interview.

Here are some questions you may hear during an interview for a security officer job:

Why do you want to be a security officer?
What do you think your responsibilities will be if you are hired?
What previous experience do you have?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Why do you want to work for us?
Why would you be the best person for this position?

When you are ready to apply for a security officer job, remember that Security Job Finder posts open positions.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Security officers are constantly faced with serious job tasks and responsibilities every time they are working. Security officers ensure that everyone is kept safe by actively walking around the designated areas. Security officers also use camera and other systems to watch the facility they are responsible for. You may have seen movies that show security officers sleeping, playing with a cellphone, and doing anything else that depicts security officers as being lazy or inattentive. The truth is, security officers have to be alert because suspicious activity can happen at any time.

It has been predicted that there will be a steady increase in security officer employment over the course of the next ten years. There are increases in crime in plenty of areas, and that increases the need for security. During these years, a large number of security officer jobs will being added.

When employers want to hire security officers, they will prefer to hire someone who has a high school diploma. However, it may not always be a requirement. If someone has previous experience as a security officer or any other law enforcement position, that will be major plus. Military experience will also be an additional plus. There are specific policies and rules about security officers, and they vary by state.

Anyone who has a desire to become a security officer, should be willing to work hard, have integrity, have a willingness to grow and develop, and be willing to communicate and perform great customer service. A future security officer must know the importance of being a team player and working with other officers and employees. A potential candidate who has these qualities and more, has a great opportunity to being employed as a security officer.

There are ample opportunities available for those who want to become a get security officer. Sometimes all you need is a little push. Security Job Finder can give you the push you need to get the job you are looking for.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014
Private security is one of the biggest sectors of the job field in the United States, and according to projections like this one it's only going to keep growing. While private security is a job that's been around nearly as long as human civilization, it's important that those who want to get in on today's market use the proper tools to maximize the number of jobs they can apply to with the click of a single mouse.

Use to Find Your New Security Officer Jobs

While online job searches are fairly common in this age of the Internet most websites aren't designed to work for those seeking security officer jobs. On these sites you have to search out individual jobs and go through the same application process over and over again. It's time consuming, mind-numbing, and worst of all it's inefficient.

That's where comes in. Designed specifically for those who want to get exposed to as many companies as possible, this website is geared only toward open jobs in the private security field. Job searchers simply put in all of their information (licenses, training, experience, and desired type of position), and the website does the rest by notifying area companies who are looking to sign on new security forces. In short applicants fill out their form once, and the website does the rest!

Search Smarter, Not Harder

While hard work and determination are key to rising to the top of the private security field, there's also no reason to do things the hard way when a simple tool will make it easier to find the perfect position for you. The field is large, but there is also a lot of competition who are all trying to get into the same positions you are. The best way to get the jump on everyone else who's looking for the same security jobs you are is to make sure that you get your information to prospective employers quickly and efficiently so that all you have to do is sit back and wait for a phone call. That is, in a nut shell, why is the number one security job board in America.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014
The purpose of security services is nothing less than the maintenance of civil society. That means protection of private property, maintaining legal boundaries, establishing order, enabling public events to be carried out without disruption, reacting to emergencies, maintaining safe conditions. Often, private security officers with the proper training supplement the presence of law enforcement. Often, the line of uniformed security officers provide a public sense of civil order that simply reinforce people's sense of safety. Often, also, security officers work to detect crime and report suspicious activity.

The very presence of security operations like screening at access points serves as a deterrent to crime and reinforces civil behavior. This kind of deterrence has been called "security theater." The presence of security officers in places that deal in high value products or where money changes hands, like banks or jewelry stores defines the sense of quiet respect that reduces risk of crime.
Security officers mark boundaries, define passages making clear where people should go, and providing instructions. Control of automobile traffic on private roads and parking lots prevents accidents, prevents theft and maximizes the use of available space. Security guards may act as guides or information officers in public places like museums, galleries, or theaters. They may serve the dual function of representatives of the organization and protectors of property.
Increasingly, educational institutions are engaging security companies to audit their facilities and provide services to protect children. They are employed to provide entrance security to prevent intrusion and disruption. They represent authority, helping to enforce school rules and practices, sometimes patrolling in parts of the school where anti-social behavior is known to take place. They prevent bullying and vandalism. They may be the first to aid students who are injured or in trouble. They may be in the best position to warn of emergencies.

The responsibility of security officers is very broad. Security officers are the eyes and ears of government, business, schools and colleges. They are the sentinels.

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Friday, October 3, 2014
The security services of a company can be considered as an important component of how a company operates. The security staff members are hied to make sure people and all of their possessions are safe on the premises. Security staff members are also hired to make sure peace is maintained and no trouble is started. Before someone is hired to join the security services staff of a company, there are certain qualities that companies may look for in a potential employee.

This person will be trusted to take care of people and important property, do there will be careful attention paid to the qualifications and character of a potential security guard or security officer.


To be a member of a security services team, one has to be honest. Since they are responsible for protecting people, buildings, and properties, honesty is an important quality. No company wants to have to worry about their security officers taking things or turning away when someone is takes something.

Communication Skills

A security officer should know how to effectively communicate, whether it is speaking or writing. When a security officer is clear and concise with the communication, it can be the difference in how a difficult situation is handled. Whenever an incident has to be reported, an officer who has good communication skills can accurately document everything. Being courteous and friendly in your communication can also be the difference in the comfort level that people will have with the officer.


The security officers who have the necessary training and equipment will be seen as the ones who can do their jobs the best. A security guard or officer with experience will have the knowledge and the background to hit the pavement and be effective on the job.


Some companies look to employ security guards who are able to keep up with the physical demands of the job. A security guard should always look neat and presentable. The way the security officer portrays himself or herself will reflect on the company that is using the services, and that can either be good or bad.

There will always be a great deal of different skills and qualities that companies look for in a security officer. That can all depend on the type of security position that is needed. There will always be certain skills that will enable a security officer to do a great job, no matter what type of security position is available.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014
Becoming a security guard will mean that you will have several options to choose from. You can be a security guard who protects a well-known or high-profile professional person, celebrity, or an athlete. You can also be a security guard who works for a mall, store, bank, or other business. The duties of a security job are so critical because they protect people or things, such as valuables in a business.

The security guard jobs available to you are diverse, and the schools, training, and other educational requirements are also diverse. Whatever type of job you want to pursue in security, you may have to attend college, training, or have some experience. Many of the security jobs opening will require you to be at least 18 years of age.

Several companies want their security employees to be able to work around the clock. So, if you are seeking employment that allows you to have flexible hours, a security guard job will be a great part-time job. A security guard can give you a great sense of satisfaction. People are putting their safety in jeopardy to protect other people. It can be seen as a very bold and noble job to be employed in.

When you are a part of the security profession, you will feel that you are valued and needed. There are not many careers that will require someone to protect the safety of other people and their possessions. This is why being a security guard can be seen as a one of a kind job. You can help someone who needs assistance getting across the street, watch someone's vehicle while they are in a store, or help someone find the location they are looking for. No matter what task you are doing at your job, you will always feel like you are making a positive contribution to another person's life.

Many companies are concerned about the safety of their employees and customers, and they are looking to employ security guards to protect everyone. In order to obtain one of those security jobs, you will need the right training to achieve that. Do you have the necessary training and experience to become a security guard? Are you ready to become a value to other people? If so, you should search for a security guard job that will give you a sense of fulfillment.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014
The security guard profession is one of those traditional job categories. Security guards have been around for centuries. In the middle ages they were called night watchmen. They are featured in many movies and in literature, usually symbolizing civilization, kindness, and caring.

Security guard employment is expanding. There are more than one million security guards in the United States (although estimates vary). The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number to grow at the rate of about 12 percent a year with increased concern about security in the United States.

Insurance companies, especially fire insurance carriers, drive the demand for security guards because they offer large policy rate discounts when valuable properties are guarded 24 hours a day. The discounts are often larger than the cost of security services. The presence of trained security guards tends to reduce "shrinkage", retail inventory theft, employee misconduct, safety rule violation, property damage, and even sabotage.

Security guards are not authorized to make arrests like law enforcement officers, who are officers of the courts. However, they do routinely take advantage of the common law practice of "citizens arrest," which assigns any civilian the responsibility to detain those committing crimes until law enforcement officials arrive. (It should be noted that security personnel making citizens arrests have been known to find themselves subject to criminal charges and civil suits for various civil rights violations).
The guarding of money during transfer is one of the more recognizable occupations for security guards. The armored car guard is a unique branch of the profession, especially licensed by the state to carry firearms.

Recently, demand has dramatically increased for security guards in access control positions at building entrances, schools, and vehicle gates. Security guards are employed to check identification to authorize entry.

Many security guards are employed in a patrolling capacity, making regular tours of a facility to check for any irregularities. Often, the patrolling security guard wears locators and two-way radios so they can be monitored.

The majority of security guards are employed in the traditional role as "watchmen." These guards follow the rule, "observe and report." Most have no authority and are not expected to take action in dealing with criminal activity. However, some security personnel do take a more active role as protective officers. These individuals may be highly trained and sometimes armed. Many security guards take jobs in protective services as a stepping stone to careers as police officers.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014
Any officer or guard will typically be looked at as someone who looks after others and protects them. This is why the responsibilities are really essential to the company or individual the security officers or guards are protecting. A police officer is looked at as someone who should protect the area he or she serves, and a security officer is expected to carry out the duties.

Security officers and guards have several duties. They have certain criteria that has to be met, and they are also required to keep individuals and property safe. Security employment is available in a variety of different locations, such as:
• Government agencies
• Private businesses
• Communities
• Healthcare facilities
• Stores/Malls
• Any type of business that sees plenty of traffic, and holds delicate information or products

You Can Protect A Community Or A Business

It can be a rewarding job position because you can either protect someone's property or you can protect people. People can come to you whenever they need help with something. There can be several occasions when people will look to you for assistance. So, it is almost like a position in customer service. You may be the source that will call for emergency personnel, such as the police or an ambulance. You could also be the one who stops someone from stealing or harassing someone.

You Can Open The Door For New Opportunities

If you do really well at the position you have been assigned to, you can open the door to a different world of opportunities. You can have the opportunity to become a guard he can be armed. You will have the go through the training process of getting a firearms card.

Are you the type of person who enjoys helping people? If you want to protect the public, you will enjoy working in security every day. You may have several occurrences where you will have to use the training and coaching you have obtained by keeping someone out of harm's way. This can be fulfilling and satisfying when you are done with your work day or work night. Several security officers feel a self-gratification that makes them work harder every single day to ensure everyone they are responsible for is kept safe.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014
Security guards are a special breed, and it takes special skills to do the job well. Don't make the mistake of thinking just anyone can become a security guard -- there is training and work involved, and not every person is cut out for the assignment. Here are the top traits that make a great security guard.

- Must be Reliable
The most important trait of a security guard is honesty, integrity, and dependability. Employers need to know the guard will be at the post religiously and will never be a threat to the lives or property he or she is assigned to safeguard.

- Have to Have a Keen Sense of Awareness
Security guards need the ability to see the one thing that's not right or is out of place in order to address an unfolding situation promptly. It takes skill to sift through all of the mundane goings-on and hone in on the one thing that isn't what it's supposed to be.

- Need to be Unafraid
Danger is just a fact when it comes to security guard jobs. Guards need to be ready to bravely face that danger when it comes along.

- Need Confidence
There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. The confident guard is able to approach a belligerent person with authority and make the person stop and listen. Cockiness doesn't garner that type of respect.

- Need to be Serious-Minded
The safety of people and property hinges on a security guard's dedication to keeping everything and everyone safe. If life is a big joke, you might not have the serious-mindedness it takes to handle this responsibility effectively.

- Should be Personable, but Not Overly Friendly
Security guards should be approachable -- after all, people need to be able to come to them for assistance and the guard needs to get along with the employer and the people the employer does business with. But overly-friendly guards are too easily taken advantage of.

- Need Common Sense
Like a detective, a security guard needs to be able to put two and two together when something isn't right. A healthy dose of common sense helps the guard know when something is going awry.

- Need to be Able to Lead or to Follow
A lone security guard needs to be able to take control of a situation and lead people to safety or instruct them about what to do. But security guards often work in groups, or with law enforcement personnel, and need to be able to follow orders and instructions when necessary.

- Need to be Good Communicators
Security guards work with a lot of different people, and need to be able to effectively communicate with all of them. They need to be able to explain a situation, instruct people on how to behave, and handle person-to-person, radio, and phone communications with ease.

- Have to Think Quickly
When a security guard is faced with an unfolding situation, there isn't time to stop and ponder what to do. The guard must be able to fall back on his or her training and respond quickly and with confidence.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a security guard? Apply for a security guard position and you might just find yourself a rewarding career!

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Friday, August 22, 2014
No matter what type of security officer position you have, there are basic tools that are necessary to insure your own protection and the protection of innocent bystanders. Although there are several levels of security service depending on the needs for security of the employer, there are 8 basic tools that all levels of security guards should posses.

1. A long heavy duty flashlight. Flashlights are very versatile. Besides providing light in dark or dangerous situations, they can also be used in defense for striking or warding off the blows an aggressor.

2. Security batons. As is true of firearms, just the presence of one of these can act as a deterrent to one planning violence. Possessing one of these often requires special training and certification, but it is well worth the effort.

3. Pepper spray. When the need arises to temporarily subdue a subject, pepper spray is non-lethal and does not cause permanent damage to an aggressor. It can quickly level an escalating situation.

4. Cell phone. Even if you have a walkie-talkie, a cell phone with pre-programmed numbers for local law enforcement and emergency services will assure that you have all levels of assistance available and that help and professional services can be reached in a timely manner.

5. A digital camera. Having a camera that also has video capabilities is very useful especially when it comes to writing incident reports or testifying in court. It is a protection for you and a help to law enforcement and prosecutors in processing and prosecuting criminal acts.

6. A mini first aid kit. Often people will approach a security guard when in need of a band-aid or first aid ointment. Having it readily available will allow you to meet the need and get back to patrol quickly.

7. A security guard belt. A place to organize and carry your tools is as necessary to a security guard as a tool belt is to a carpenter. Being able to access your tools quickly is an important key to effectively completing your duties.

8. Quality work boots. After consulting with an employer concerning uniform requirements, invest in a solid pair of work boots. This will insure that you will not develop foot or back problems and keep you from buying multiple pairs each year.

Having these basic tools will provide a security guard at any level the ability to effectively perform his duties with precision and professionalism.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014
Did you know that armed security guard employment is currently available in North Carolina? And if you've already got a concealed carry permit or prior security guard experience, you could be on the fast track to a new job. That's because North Carolina is one of several states that believe in reciprocity. As such, you may not need to jump through many hoops to get permits or licenses.

For example, if a security guard has a valid concealed carry permit from any other state and moves to North Carolina, he or she doesn't need to immediately reapply for a new one. As a matter of fact, the state's authorities will recognize the out-of-state permit until it expires. At that time, the person may apply for a North Carolina permit through his or her county sheriff's office.

The state also has reciprocity agreements in place when it comes to private investigator and polygraph licenses. The agreements are designed to reduce or eliminate the amount of testing that must be completed in order to obtain the licenses. There is no reciprocity agreement in place for people seeking to apply for security guard and patrol licenses. However, the state's Private Protective Services Board will recognize prior work experience that took place outside of North Carolina and that's important. :
Why? As it stands now, those wishing to obtain a security guard and patrol license in the state must meet certain, simple requirements. One of them is the ability to present proof of at least three years of prior security employment. That requirement, however, does not apply to individuals that want to obtain an armored car profession or courier service license. Applicants must also have no criminal history, be 18 years of age or older and have resident alien or U.S. citizen status.

If you have all of the necessary permits and licenses in place, applying for security guard employment in North Carolina through Security Job Finder is easy. Jobs are currently available in Durham and Charlotte. Just stop by our site, review the armed security guard employment listings and apply for the position that interests you the most.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014
If your interested in becoming a security officer supervisor, then you no doubt understand the prestige that comes along with such a career. While a supervisor shares similar job duties to that of security officer, like securing premises and people, patrolling, and so on, they are also required to coordinate and lead.

Additional duties for the job of security guard supervisor include:

- Management of the team. Just like the manager of any store, a security officer supervisor schedules work hours and ensures proper fulfillment of shifts. He/she also conducts uniforms and equipment checks, as well as beginning of the shift "focus" conversations.

- Paperwork. Proper documentation of all events means a security officer supervisor must be detail-oriented and willing to do paperwork. This may include a visitor log, incident reports, as well as staff documentation like verbal and written warnings.

- Patrolling. As noted above, a security officer supervisor shares many of the same duties as a regular security officer. This includes routine patrolling, checking locks, doors, cars, etc., as well as conducting routine checks of any CCTV equipment or alarms that are in use.

- Being a presence. As a security officer supervisor, you will also be responsible for "keeping the peace" and maintaining law and order on site. Including keeping a watchful eye out for suspicious activity, theft, vandalism, as well as notifying, and working with, local law enforcement if the situation calls for it.

Are you ready for a career as a security officer supervisor? Then all you have to do is apply now by clicking here. An exciting and rewarding security job is waiting for you.

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Thursday, May, 22, 2014
If your dream job is to become employed as a security officer, then you no doubt know that at some point in the process you will have to sit down for an interview. Due to the nature of the work, making a great impression is one of the most important factors in getting a security job.

Here are 5 tips to help you get the job.

1. Do not overlook your resume. It may seem basic, but many people go into getting a job thinking they have what it takes without outlining their skills on paper. A polished resume is a great first step in getting noticed, and it shows that you are interested and qualified. A resume is the first step to getting an interview.

2. Research who you'll be working for. To stand out in a crowd, (especially in the security world) knowing about your potential employer's culture, standards, and services is a great way to make an impression. Being prepared will show the interviewer that you are a worthy investment, and that their time is valued.

3. Practice interviewing beforehand. Even if you have had security jobs in the past, there is nothing wrong with a brush-up. Consider some common interview questions like "Tell me about yourself," and "what are your strengths and weaknesses," and write down your answers to help you remember. Then, in the interview, you'll be more than ready to impress.

4. You are more than your "service" experience. Though you may be proud of your service in the armed forces, or your vast experience as an armed guard, don't overemphasize those facts. Experiences such as these are very much assumed and don't always need the exposure. Present yourself, instead, as a professional, an executive, someone who is worthy of the badge.

5. Don't forget your other skills. Sure, a large part of security employment means safety and security, but it is equally as important to show a potential employer how strong your problem-solving and diplomacy skills are as well. Show them you understand security concepts, as much as you know about being a solid presence.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014
It isn't easy to find a career that is fulfilling and helps people, either. Why not think outside the box and go for a job and a career in a field no one thinks much about? Security guards provide a sense of safety not available in any other manner. The mere idea of a security guard gives those employing them the sense that everything is right with the world. They give customers or clients more than just directions; they give them an idea that they are in good hands. Sure, that's a clichè, but it's real because it's true.

Security guards can be either armed or unarmed. They are usually hired to protect property or people. They can be seen at rock concerts, in banks, and patrolling warehouses at night. Security personnel are generally civilians, although former law enforcement personnel and military persons may be found in their ranks. Security guard employment can take many forms such as keeping an eye on security cameras in a department store, and watching the parking lots at apartment complexes to prevent crime.

Security guards sometimes apprehend those involved in untoward activities until law enforcement arrives. Sometimes they must apply emergency measures until medical personnel arrive. Another duty performed by security guards is maintaining the proper paperwork and reports for the company they are protecting.

The need for security guard employment is on the rise. One major reason for this is that companies with a security presence receive discounts on their insurance rates. A company needs to show their insurance company that a round-the-clock patrol will discover fire, vandalism or theft before too much damage is done. This is simply the responsible thing to do, both for the company and their customers or clients.

Make sure you have your ducks in a row before you apply for security guard employment. You'll need a valid state driving license, security training and licensing and the necessary firearm permits. You should have a clean record. You may expect to undergo continuing education in security measures, medical and legal concerns, and to keep abreast of the employer's regulations.

Presently Security Job Finder is hiring only for Champion National Security. Security guard employment will always find a place with them, because they are hungry for good people. We have been helping to place security personnel for over 30 years. Apply today and let Security Job Finder give you a career outside the box.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014
Are you interested in a career as a security officer? Security can be a very rewarding and profitable profession. You might be surprised at the variety of security officer jobs available. We would like to provide you with an overview of some of the most popular security careers and how you can get started.

Becoming a Security Officer

A job as a regular security officer is where most security professionals start. You will have a variety of duties depending where you are stationed. First and foremost, you will be responsible for observing and documenting suspicious activity. If you are stationed at a factory or other busy setting, you will also have to provide what is known as "access control." This means that you will monitor everyone entering and leaving the facility, from employees to contractors and deliverymen. You may have to assign identification badges to visitors, or work with the factory's shipping and receiving department to direct semi-truck traffic to proper loading docks.

Security officers can be found at a wide variety of facilities — you could work in a factory setting, at a hospital, an apartment complex or even in a retail space. Most security officers only require a high school diploma and a clean background check to be hired. Great communication skills and the ability to document your shift — even if it was uneventful — are key to this job.

The Next Step: A Career as an Emergency Medical Security Officer

There is a growing demand for security officers with emergency medical training. To land this career, you will need some experience as a security officer, and you will also need a certification in emergency medical sciences. The most common certification is as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, although you could also become an Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate or even a Paramedic.

As an emergency medical security officer, your job duties will largely be the same as a regular security officer, except that you will be required to provide emergency care in the event of a workplace accident or injury. Since most workplaces do their best to protect employees, accidents and injuries are quite rare, and are usually limited to minor cuts and scrapes or conditions like heat exhaustion. Most companies that hire emergency medical security staff stand to receive substantial insurance discounts. That means that you are rewarded with a much higher pay rate than standard security officers.

Armed Security Officer Careers

Armed security officers are the highest-paid among security officers, and with good reason. Armed security officers are usually stationed around high-value targets like power plants or armored truck transportation. Sometimes armed guards are also called in during a factory strike situation, since the likelihood of vandalism or violence is much higher.

When it comes to weapons, each armed security guard is different. Depending on the situation, you may only carry a nightstick or pepper spray. Other guards are armed with tasers, handguns or other weapons. In order to qualify as an armed security guard, you will need to go through extensive training in the use of various weapons. If you feel up to the challenge of being an armed security guard, it can be a very lucrative career.

Becoming a security officer is only the beginning of your career. The security profession offers a lot of upwards mobility for ambitious individuals. As you rise through the ranks, you can become a sergeant or captain of your post or you can move into management positions that oversee several posts. Some security officers use their experience to start careers in law enforcement, private security or risk analysis consulting. Wherever you decide to take your security career, you can feel confident that you have chosen a profession that offers many great opportunities.

Security Job Finder Badge
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Security guard jobs require more duties than most people realize. Typically, security guards safeguard the premises of their employers, as well as monitor surveillance cameras for businesses and private dwellings. Another duty of security guards is to control the admittance of visitors, employees or students to a businesses and schools. Security checks are performed by security guards and written reports about any unusual instances while inspecting grounds or buildings. It is also the duty of security guards to hold violators until the police arrive and interview any witnesses in case of future court proceedings.

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a security guard, also known as security officers, "protect property, enforce rules on the property, and deter criminal activity. Some guards are assigned a stationary position from which they monitor alarms or surveillance cameras. Other guards are assigned a patrol area where they conduct security checks."

The Workplaces for Security Guard Jobs

The workplace for security guard jobs vary, depending upon the type of guard duties required. Security guards work in department stores, government buildings, corporate offices, gambling casinos, hotels, educational services like universities, private schools and local schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities, food service facilities and gated communities.

Many security guard jobs require you to be on your feet, making rounds of grounds, communities and buildings. If you're looking for a security job that requires less time patrolling, there are positions where you can sit in a guardhouse at the entryway to private grounds or facilities. Other security guard positions require sitting while observing surveillance equipment.

Although security guard jobs can seem routine most of the time, they have their exciting and hazardous moments, especially when confronting an intruder or shoplifter. A security guard job can offer you an exciting career choice in a variety of different workplaces.

If you're interested in learning about available security guard jobs, contact us at Security Job Finder and we will do our best to connect you with employers who need security guards right now.

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